Size does not matter, unlike the hulking superheroes we see on screen this week the audience is treated to a pint sized rather (ant sized) hero in the form of ANT-MAN, who can do most, if not everything, that other superheroes can do. But will the miniature superhero work with the Indian audience who are accustomed to seeing larger than life heroes portrayed on screen, is what we analyze.

ANT-MAN follows the life of well-meaning thief Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) who moves in with his old cellmate Luis (Michael Pena). Simultaneously, Lang's ex-wife, Maggie (Judy Greer) now engaged to policeman Paxton (Bobby Cannavale) agrees to let Lang see his daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) if he provides child support. However, unable to hold a job due to his criminal record, Lang agrees to join Luis' crew and commit a burglary for money. Lang breaks into the house of Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and cracks its safe, but only finds what he believes to be an old motorcycle suit, which he takes home. After trying the suit on, Lang accidentally shrinks himself to the size of an insect. Terrified by the experience, he returns the suit to the house, but is arrested on the way out. Pym visits Lang in jail and smuggles the suit into his cell to help him break out. From here on starts a series of events that ultimately culminate into Lang becoming ANT-MAN. Now armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, Lang must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Right from the start, the audience expects a fare much like what we have seen earlier from the IRON MAN series or for that matter the CAPTAIN AMERICA series wherein each of the characters were well defined with a gripping story line (that have more or less been in line with the comics) and intense action. However, in the case of ANT-MAN, though the characters have been well defined the story is a far cry from the comics, yet director Peyton Reed does a good job of weaving intricate twists in the tale. Another moot point here that the audiences are left wondering is whether Ant-Man, who came from a rather unlikely walk of life, would be able to live up to the task of being a hero who eventually joins the Avengers or will he become just another footnote (read side character) in the multi-superhero film.

We entered the theatre expecting nothing more than just an average film to introduce yet another superhero who might be seen in a bigger franchise. Not expecting much, we were in for a pleasant surprise. ANT-MAN that comes across as a chaotic haphazard compilation of mini episodes that could go haywire any moment, comes together thanks to some good writing skills and well timed comic relief from the main star cast. At the center of ANT-MAN is Paul Rudd who shines with his carefree geniality and light handed seriousness with which he more than capably pulls off his role. Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym is everything that you would expect the original Ant-Man to be, feisty, witty and lightning quick. Easily integrating with Lang and his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lily), Douglas provides the film with a firm character. However Corey Stoll (Darren Cross/ Yellowjacket), is hardly menacing as Ant-Man's nemesis. In fact he barely comes across as a threat; instead his entire character feels more like the jilted child who just wants his parents' attention.

But despite the shortcomings in Stoll's character, there are moments when all else fades leaving behind breathtaking visuals, well-choreographed action scenes that speak volumes of the attention given to minor details. However, what sets ANT-MAN apart from its ilk of superhero films is the fact that the story and general progression is quite unlike the usual rushed sequences that lead to some high octane action.

On the whole, despite a few scientific drawbacks (read loopholes), ANT-MAN cannot really be compared to or for that matter measured with same yardstick used to gauge other superhero films. However, standing on its own ANT-MAN makes for a fun watch, developing a character that can more than live up to being one of the Avengers.

Aisa Yeh Jahaan Movie Review - Far Far Away...


The 90's era not only ended the century, but it also ended many peculiar stuffs related to that era including the Indi-pop culture. A culture which finally got its due in our country after many decades, but before it could carry forward its legacy, it died midway around the millennium era. Though, one does remember many great artists from that era, including Dr. Palash Sen and his Eyphoria band, which became a sensation at that time with many hit songs like 'Dhoom', 'Maayeri' and many more. His popularity made him reach the silver screen with film like 'Filhaal', followed by a minute appearance in 'Mumbai Cutting'. After a long gap he returns back on the silver screen with his new film 'Aisa Yeh Jahaan' which claims to be India's first carbon neutral film and has been screened at various film festivals all across the globe. Thus, let's find out whether Dr. Palash Sen's latest venture will manage to bring back his past glory or might end up being one among the list of all those failed attempts made by many singers.

Aisa Yeh Jahaan Movie ReviewStory

'Aisa Yeh Jahaan' is a story of an Assamese couple Rajib Saikia (Dr. Palash Sen) & Ananya Saika (Ira Dubey), living in the metropolitan city Mumbai, along with their daughter Kuhi (Prisha Dabbas) and her caretaker Pakhi (Kymsleen Kholie). Ananya wants to match up with the fast life of Mumbai city, whereas Rajib keeps missing the simplicity of his village. On their trip to their village, Rajib's friend Nalia Kai (Yashpal Sharma) introduces Kuhi and Pakhi to the mother earth, due to which after returning back, Kuhi decides to plant a mango tree in her house. At that time Ananya's cousin brother Ron (Saurabh Pandey) suggested her an idea of introducing Kuhi into the world of advetisments, so that they can make quick money. Ananya agrees over Ron's suggestion and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Aisa Yeh Jahaan Movie StillScreenplay & Technicalities:

The one liner story seems good on papers, but while executing it, the writers have added several side tracks due to which the main theme of the film gets totally diluted. The movie looks super lengthy and preachy due to the over bashing for metro cities. It's a very one side verdict, where the writers are trying to prove that village life is better than a city life. Along with this biased opinion, they also try to indulge multiple issues and none of them are properly solved nor relevant to the theme of the film. Except, of couple of scenes related to Kymsleen Kholie and the message related to the film, there is nothing positive in this never ending saga. Just for this one liner message, you have to go through Ira Dubey's fake Assamese accent, her constant nagging, dream world of Kymsleen Kholie, Dr. Palash Sen's irregular behaviour, forced acting by Prisha Dabbas and many more such types of unwanted tracks. Looks like the writers must have had a very bad experience with Mumbai city, thus they have decided to show it in bad light by inserting an anti-Mumbai song, showing locals behaving badly and constant comparison between village and city life. The worst part is the abrupt ending where all these multiple tracks and issues gets solved in a jiffy with a voice over by Om Puri. The cinematography is good and the locations of Assam ends up as the only saving grace in this boring film.

Aisa Yeh Jahaan Movie WallpaperMusic & Direction:

'Sautela Sehar' sounds good, but besides this song none of the songs manage to make its mark. Though the makers have inserted a song for every occasion (item song, rain song, dream song, village song, etc). To top it up, they have a song which has been shot on Yashpal Sharma.

Director Biswajeet Bora comes up with a one liner message, which seems suitable for a YouTube based short film and definitely not for a full fledge film. It seems that he wanted to showcase multiple issues and thus tried to sum them all together, but fails miserably as he ends the film without any detailing nor justification. The whole story narration was television type and totally unfit for a feature film.


It was good to see Dr. Palash Sen on the silver screen, but felt bad when the movie ended as he had hardly anything to do in the film except for whining throughout the movie. Ira Dubey tortures you with her fake accent and screechy voice. Yashpal Sharma must be super happy to get a full song being featured on him where he dances like a buffoon. Prisha Dabbas is cute. Kymsleen Kholie is fine in her part. Tinu Anand and Saurabh Pandey were wasted.

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

Dum??? Well, except for a one liner idea and the concept, there is no Dum in this boring, tiring, irritating and preachy film. As for all Dr.Palash Sen's fan would recommend them to watch his old video's on internet and stay far far away from this boring world of Mr & Mrs Saikia.

Ratings - 0.5/5

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Review - 'Bhaijaan' wins over the 'Bhai'...

Salman Khan made his mark in Hindi films as a lover boy image and later slowly ventured into the action and comedy zone. He has had his share of hits and flops till 2005, after which except for 'Partner' none of his films were successful at the box office. His ill luck ended with the massive success of films like 'Wanted' and 'Dabangg'. These films also establish a new image of 'Bhai' and these films were known as the Salman Khan style of entertainers. 'Bodyguard', 'Ready', 'Ek Tha Tiger', 'Kick' and few more films kept making this image more and more stronger. Along with these films, there was a film 'Jai Ho', which had a good message and an emotional angle attached to it. The movie failed to meet up to the expectation level, but, managed to rake in good money due to the star value of the entertainer Khan. Salman's latest film 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' brings back the ace actor-director combo of Salman Khan & Kabir Khan after the super success of their last venture 'Ek Tha Tiger'. Thus, the expectation level is at its highest level, and looking at the promos of the film, the movie looks like an emotional tale trying to portray a different side of Salman Khan. So, let's find out whether 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' will establish a new image of the ace entertainer or might end up being another verbose type of film on the lines of 'Jai Ho'.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Review

'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' is a story of a mute Pakistani girl Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra), who came to India with his mother to seek religious blessings. Due to some circumstances, Shahida accidently gets lost and meets Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan), a simple man with a golden heart. Pavan and his fiancee Rasika (Kareena Kapoor) try to find out about Shahida's whereabouts, and finally come to know that she is from Pakistan. Pavan and Rasika try their level best to send Shahida back to her country but fails miserably. Finally, Pavan decides to do this task on his own and enters Pakistan. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

The story has slight remembrance of films like 'Henna', 'Rakhwala', 'Veer Zaara', 'Gaddar', 'Ramchand Pakistani' etc. The first half of the film is slow and average, but right from the interval point, the movie starts to rise on upwards mode leading to a dramatically emotional climax. The initial phase of the film will look a bit slow and non entertaining, as one will be watching it as a Salman Khan film and thus will be highly disappointed as 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' has hardly any stylish dialogues, fight scenes, peppy chartbuster songs or slapstick humour which has been key ingredients of a typical Salman Khan type of films. But, as the movie progresses and once you accept the fact that this is not a typical Salman Khan film, your interest in the film gets stronger and will start to enjoy it as a decent family drama. There are few kiddish scenes like Harshali getting lost, Pakistani rangers allowing Salman Khan to enter their country over an emotional conversation followed by Pakistani officials supporting Salman Khan over the emotional basis and few such type of scenes. These scenes, seek cinematic liberty and lacks the practicality. On the positive part, Salman and Harshaali meet, Harshaali chicken track, Salman at Pakistani embassy, Salman saving Harshaali from brothel, Salman convincing Pakistani Rangers, Salman and Om Puri track, Harshaali's emotional connect followed by the climax part between Salman and Harshaali are highly entertaining and connects with you on the emotional level. Along with these scenes, every scene of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, right from his entry video shoot to him supporting Salman followed by making Salman wear Burkha, fooling the cops, Nawazuddin's video speech, Nawazuddin's farewell to Salman and many more such scenes are amazing. It's due to the brilliant combination of Salman-Harshaali and Nawazuddin the second half of the film is highly gripping and has full conviction factor. The cinematography is of top notch and the movie has been shot on some brilliant locations, making it a visual treat.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Wallpaper

The music, in comparison to most of Salman Khan films is a bit lower than its standard. Still 'Selfie', 'Tu Chahiye' and 'Chicken Song' are enjoyable and entertaining. 'Bhar Do Jholi Meri' is superbly placed in the film. 'Tu Jo Mila' and 'Zindagi' goes with the flow of the film.

Director Kabir Khan starts the film on a simple level, where he lowers his sensibilities as a director. But, thanks to the good dramatic screenplay he manages to show his real side in the second half of the film. He dares to make a non Salman Khan style film with Salman Khan in the film and highly succeeds after the initial gloomy phase. The usage of Harshaali's innocent face and honest heart of Salman's character emerges as a winner for this daring attempt. He might mildly disappoint the die-hard Salman fans, but ends up giving a good film with a noble intention making you wish it happens in reality between the neighbouring country.

It's very tough for a superstar actor to break his star image and here, it's the case of Salman Khan, who is highly known for his particular image. Here, in 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', he breaks his earlier image and moulds himself into this simple character of Pavan. He excels in the comical and emotional scenes. The die hard fans might miss the action and will have to suffice only over those two punches in the film. Kareena Kapoor is fine but has hardly any role to offer. Her track with Salman was the weakest part of the film. One will hardly see her in the second half of the film. Harshaali Malhotra is super cute and charms you with her innocence. Her bonding with Salman looks real and connects with you. Nawazuddin is outstanding. The moment he enters into the film, the movie comes back to its right track. Every scene of his are amazing and emerges as an additional hero in this film. Om Puri and Sharat Saxena are fine in their parts. Alka Badola and Rajesh Sharma are wasted.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie StillSo bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hai Dum???

Dum??? Well, the movie lacks a little bit of dum for the die hard Salman Khan mass fans, in terms of action and fun element. But, this movie succeeds in establishing a softer and real image of the ace entertainer, which will be loved by the family audiences. It's a decent emotional drama, presented in an entertaining manner with a good theme attached to it. Thus, making the 'Bhaijaan' (emotional) part, wins over the 'Bhai' image.

Ratings - 3.5/5

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

There are somethings that are just meant to be together. Over a period of time, they not just become synonymous with each other but also complement each other to the fullest. Amongst the many examples for this, one such combination is the release of a Salman Khan film during the auspicious occasion of Eid. Like almost every year, this year too, Salman Khan has gifted his fans their 'Eidi' in the form of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. Will this film be worth the wait and live up to its gigantic expectations, let's analyze.

The film starts off with a Pakistani village household cheering for Pakistan while watching its nail biting crucial cricket match with India on television. Inspired by the ace Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, a to be mother from the household names her daughter as Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra). The girl despite being beautiful and expressive does not speak a word, which worries her parents day after day. On the advice of an elderly person in the family, Shahida's mother decides to take Shahida to a wish-fulfilling holy dargah in Delhi, India. On their way back to Pakistan, their train halts due to a technical failure. That's when the innocent and animal loving Shahida sees a helpless lamb fallen in a pit. She gets down from the train and just when she rescues the lamb, the train starts moving, thus leaving her behind in an unknown country all alone. She quickly boards the next immediate train and reaches Delhi. It is here when she meets the extremely God fearing and a devout Hanuman bhakth Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi aka Bajrangi (Salman Khan). With the intention of helping the little girl who cannot talk, Bajrangi takes her home, only to be ridiculed by his family members. The only person who stands by him is his to-be-wife Rasika (Kareena Kapoor). Pavan and Rasika try their level best to 'decode' the identity of the child by dropping names of almost all the Indian states, but in vain. Havoc strikes their family household when they discover that Munni (aka Shahida) not only eats meat, but is also a Muslim and above all… a Pakistani! That's when Pavan decides to brave all the odds (visa issues, passport problems etc). Despite all the odds, when Bajrangi manages to cross the Indo-Pak border, but gets caught by the Pakistan police, who label him off as an Indian spy. That's when Bajrangi encounters a freelance news reporter Chaand Nawab (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), who shoots the whole Pavan-Munni 'adventures' on his handycam, hoping this will be his big ticket to name and fame as a journalist. However, as he discovers their Pavan's good intentions, he too joins the duo in their journey and helps them out. Does Chaand Nawab manage to 'encash' on the Pavan-Munni story in order to be taken seriously as a journalist, does Pavan succeed in uniting Munni with her parents, does the ever-truthful Pavan manage to prove his innocence of him not being a spy before the Pakistani police and how does the simpleton Bajrangi gets transformed into 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' is what forms the rest of the story.

First things first. Director Kabir Khan captures the attention of the viewers right from first shot of this character driven film. The impeccable camaraderie between him and his lead star Salman Khan was seen in their last blockbuster film EK THA TIGER. This time round, the camaraderie has grown by leaps and bounds, which can be seen in this film. For all those who have seen Kabir Khan's work in thriller and action films like KABUL EXPRESS, NEW YORK and EK THA TIGER will be in for a huge surprise when they see BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN. He has very sensibly handled the emotional scenes, without going overboard. While the tempo of the film is set in the first ten minutes, it is very rare that any film has ever started on such an emotional high. Amongst the many Indo-Pak films that have been made in the past, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN stands out amongst all of them because this film stays away from the usual jingoism and preachiness. Kabir Khan adds magic to Salman Khan's stardom with this film. Needless to say that, the one person who deserves to be credited for that the overall outcome of the film is Kabir Khan, who also does a great job with the film's dialogue, along with Kausar Munir. The film's storywriter (V. Vijayendra Prasad) deserves applauses galore for having come up with such a fresh story that has the right mix of patriotism, love, emotions and brotherhood.

As far as the performances are concerned, absolutely no prizes for guessing that the film belongs to the one and only 'Bhaijaan' Salman Khan, who makes no mistakes in delivering an outstanding performance in this film. His innocence is unmistakably charming. And it is this innocence that unfailingly captures melts and ultimately wins over the audiences' hearts. Do not miss his recitation of Hanuman Chaalisa, his interaction and his conversation with the child actor Harshaali. The scenes that catch your attention are the first ten minutes of the film, the brothel scene, the revelation of Munni's actual identity revelation and the fitting climax. Looking at this film, one can easily say that they don't call him a 'Bhaijaan' for nothing! Unlike his previous film's, this film is totally devoid of his onscreen histrionics, yet, manages to embed its stamp in your hearts. Salman never gets out of his character and this is his performance-oriented film after a long time. Kareena Kapoor Khan, on the other hand, stands like a rock, offering her onscreen hero Salman Khan and the film, all the support. Whatever the screen space that she has, she makes the most out of it and leaves a lasting impression with her endearing performance in the film. Now, let's talk about the 'find' of BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN aka Harshaali Malhotra, who is a sheer delight to watch in every frame that she is in. Even though this is her first film (her modelling assignments notwithstanding), Harshaali comes across as a thorough professional in front of the camera. The moment the camera is on her, she simply lights up the screen with her innocence, her smile and her superlative performance in the film. With BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, Harshaali Malhotra has definitely set the bar high for child actors. Extracting the right emotions and expressions from child actors can be quite a task. That's why Kabir Khan deserves to be applauded for extracting an exceptional performance from Harshaali Malhotra, with the equal amount of ease with which he got it from his lead actors. Amongst them all, how can one forget the sheer greatness of the phenomenal actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who wins you all over with his outstanding performance as a Pakistani news reporter! The sincerity with which he approaches his role is something that needs to be seen in order to be believed. The other veteran actors like Om Puri and Sharat Saxena do their bit for the film to make it a memorable one. On the other hand, Najeem Khan, Ali Quli Mirza, and Adnan Sami (in a special cameo) are good in supporting roles.

If it's a Salman Khan movie, then, songs and music become very crucial. BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN's music (Pritam Chakraborty) definitely works by all means, majorly because it has all the elements that are required of a typical 'Salman Khan film'. Music gels extremely well with the film and also the flow of the film. The film already boats of a chartbuster track in the form of 'Selfie'. The other tracks like 'Tu Jo Mila' and Adnan Sami's devotional track 'Bhar Do Jholi' does leave the required effect on the listeners. On the other hand, the film's background music (Julius Packiam) keeps the tempo of the film going extremely well. The film's screenplay (Kabir Khan, V. Vijayendra Prasad, Parveez Shaikh, Asad Hussain) is tight and engaging. The film's cinematography (Aseem Mishra) is top rate as it presents the serene breath taking view of Kashmir like never before. Rameshwar S. Bhagat has done a splendid job in the film's razor sharp editing.

On the whole, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN is a not to be missed 'Eid' treat from Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. The film is a surefire hit and has got 'B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R' written all over it. This film easily qualifies to be Salman Khan's BEST movie till date, featuring his career's best performance. The film wins you over completely. Do not skip.


Making a film is no easy task and making one that boasts of being India's costliest and grandest film till date on both budget and scale, definitely is a humongous challenge. But director S.S. Rajamouli attempts just that with his film BAHUBALI - THE BEGINNING, which is the first of a two part series that promises to be a saga that will most definitely go down the annals of history.

Starting off, the story of BAHUBALI follows the life of Sivudu (Prabhas) who lives a rather solitary life all but cut off from the rest of civilization. Smuggled from his kingdom and raised by Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) in a different tribe, Sivudu fills his days scaling mountains and their likes, unaware of his noble lineage. One fateful day Sivudu encounters Avanthika (Tamannaah Bhatia) who is a master assassin from a rebel group that intends on crushing King Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubatti) of Mahishpati and rescuing Devasana (Anushka Shetty). However despite Shivudu understanding nothing of it, he decides to assist the rebels in their cause since he is smitten by the stunning Avantika who tells him that she is sworn to protect Devasana, who is none other than late King Amarendra Bahubali's wife, Sivudu's mother and also Bhallala Deva's sister-in-law. Setting off on his journey to fulfill Avantika's duty, Sivudu moves towards fulfilling his own destiny as BAHUBALI and in process setting in motion a series of events that lead to the second chapter. But will BAHUBALI live up to expectation of being India's grandest films… Lets analyze.

The first half of the film commences detailing Sivudu's life away from the clutches of royalty, along with detailing the characters of Avanthika, King Bhallala Deva, Devasana and Sivagami. While the first 30 or so minutes of the film go in detailing each character, the viewer is left agape at the expanse of the visual effects used. Despite being a bit slow, the story of BAHUBALI soon begins to pick up pace as it progresses to show Sivudu pulled towards his great destiny by an inexplicable urge. However, its post the interval that the film shines with riveting sequences and awe-inspiring action coupled with stunning and by far some of the most advanced visual effects. Director S. S. Rajamouli seems to have quite literally developed a definitive masterpiece, with BAHUBALI seeming to be a thoroughly Indian film with its roots firmly planted in mythology, and yet progressive enough to refrain from the age old cliché of show good is more powerful than evil. In fact here a special mention needs to be added as Rajamouli has focused on developing the antagonist as a much more powerful personality who ultimately is defeated.

Talking about the CGI used in the film, BAHUBALI is easily comparable to the Hollywood greats like THE LORD OF THE RINGS series and even the HARRY POTTER series that featured entire towns, cities and regions artificially developed to look realistic. Compared to the usual Indian standard of CGI work in films, the effort and detail that went into making BAHUBALI is visibly evident in the stunning waterfalls, the spectacular city of Mahishmati, and the sheer cliffs.

However, the high point of BAHUBALI comes in the form of the snowstorm that is seamlessly executed and the 30 minute long battle sequence that will leave the viewer stunned. This fantastically choreographed battle that unfurls when a murderous army lands up at Mahismati's borders sees the two brothers Sivudu and King Bhallala Deva joining forces to defeat a common enemy. Unquestionably the battle sequence that resides as the jewel in Rajamouli's crown is elaborately shot with breathtaking moments. However, the biggest surprise lies in the end when Rajamouli gives the viewers a sneak peek into what to expect from the sequel.

Coming to the performances in the film, the casting of BAHUBALI is just perfect with every actor doing a brilliant job in their respective roles. Here a special mention goes to both Prabhas and Rana, for some outstanding work, especially for Rana who excels in portraying the angry smouldering eyed King Bhallala. Ramaya Krishnan, despite being in a supporting role manages to leave an impact. The other two supporting cast members Nasser and Satyaraj as Bijjaladeva and Kattappa are impressive as well. No Indian storyteller comes close to what S.S. Rajamouli envisions and executes on screen. Writers Madhan Karky, Rahul Koda, Vijayendra Prasad and S.S. Rajamouli have truly written and developed a masterpiece. Every sequence of BAHUBALI is a marvel that can easily be compared to the best of Hollywood. The grandiose sets, VFX, sound, edit, cinematography and most importantly, the screenplay of BAHUBALI is beyond fantastic.

Though after watching the dubbed Hindi version of BAHUBALI one would say that filmmakers should avoid dubbing films in different languages, and rather release the original film with subtitles. While the film does have its share of plot holes with the dubbed dialects going wrong being one of them, BAHUBALI does manage to entertain despite a lengthy run time.

On the whole, despite having a first half that is rather slow, and a ballistic second half, a film like BAHUBALI makes you proud that an Indian filmmaker dared to dream big and accomplished it. BAHUBALI is definitely not to be missed. Call it a box-office blockbuster today, but tomorrow, it will be remembered as a classic.

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