Guddu Rangeela

They say that 'Fate and fortunes changes every Friday' in Bollywood and there is no one to predict what every passing Friday can do to a star and a film. It is mainly because of the ongoing Ramzan season, that not many filmmakers are risking releasing their films during this season. This week sees the release of the comedy drama GUDDU RANGEELA alongwith the Hollywood biggie TERMINATOR GENISYS. Will GUDDU RANGEELA be able to 'terminate' all the odds and prove to be a blockbuster at the box-office or will it lose its 'colours' at the box-office, let's analyze.

The film, that's set in Haryana, starts off with the 'musical introduction' of the cousin brothers Gulshan Ram aka Guddu (Amit Sadh) and Radheshyam aka Rangeela (Arshad Warsi), alongwith the terror spilling villainous local political leader Billo (Ronit Roy). At the outset, while Guddu and Rangeela are the members of a local village orchestra party, they also moonlight as khabris (informers) for the local gangs. In one such case, the duo gets embroiled into a controversy that lands them at the police station. The corrupt inspector strikes a deal with them stating either they can pay Rs. 10 lakhs to him and go scot free or be a party to many pending cases, thus landing in jail. Hope for them come in the form of Bengali, who is a self confessed 'PRO' for the underworld. He strikes a deal with them to 'transport' (read 'kidnap') the deaf and mute Baby (Aditi Rao Hydari) in exchange for a sum of ten lakh rupees. Being 'opportunists' the duo grab this offer with both their hands, only to be shocked to know that Baby has a hidden agenda. On probing, she reveals that she (who is Billo's estranged sister-in-law) wants to avenge the death of her sister from Billo, who had tortured and killed her because of dowry. Its only then the viewers are treated to Rangeela's past life and the (personal) reason as to why he too wants to kill Billo. While Baby hands over a CD of Billo's sexual acts with women to Guddu and Rangeela, Billo reveals something that not only shocks Rangeela, but also turns his world upside down. Do Guddu and Rangeela become successful in exhibiting Billo's evil character through the CD, do they manage to get the ransom money for kidnapping, what is the reason for Rangeela wanting to kill Billo and what is it that Billo reveals to Rangeela that leaves him speechless is what forms the rest of the film.

Let's talk about the film now. The sad part about this film is that its director Subhash Kapoor, whose last film was the award winning JOLLY LLB, fails to live upto the expectations. While GUDDU RANGEELA does have its moments under the sun, the film fails to leave the desired impact by the time it ends. There are many reasons for the same, which includes typical revenge story, lack of romance, no good humor and bad music. While the film's first half sets up the pace, scale and the momentum of the film, it is the second half that starts lagging mid-way, which acts as a speed breaker in the film's progress. And its Subhash Kapoor's direction and wavering storyline that needs to be blamed for a major chunk of this.

As far as the performances are concerned, no prizes for guessing as to who is the 'hero' of the film. Right from the word go, the film gets steered up by Arshad Warsi (who is a veteran in such kind of roles). He very effortlessly steals the thunder from everyone alike. Despite his towering presence in the film, Warsi is unable to create the bonding with Amit Sadh the way he had done with Sanjay Dutt in the iconic MUNNABHAI series. GUDDU RANGEELA also sees the resurfacing of Amit Sadh after KAI PO CHE. Amit, who tries to put in his best performance, seems to be struggling amidst the film and there isn't enough meat to his role. As far as Aditi Rao Hydari is concerned, despite having the much required screen presence, she suffers from the lack of screen space in the film that is predominantly dominated by Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh and Ronit Roy. As far as Ronit Roy is concerned, one feels that it is about time that he breaks from the stereotyping of such 'harder-than-thou' roles. His role in GUDDU RANGEELA seems to be more like a repeat act of what he did in BOSS. He however delivers a strong performance and carries the film with Arshad Warsi.

While the film suffers from the lack of memorable music (Amit Trivedi, Subhash Kapoor), it is the film's background music (Hitesh Sonik) that helps the film progress. The film also suffers at the hands of its editing (Arindam Ghatak), which could have helped the film from lagging at many places, especially during the second half and the climax. The film's action scenes (Pradyuman Kumar) are average. The shaky camera notwithstanding in a handful of places, the film's cinematography (James Fowlds) too is very average

On the whole, GUDDU RANGEELA is quite 'colourless' and offers nothing new.

Terminator Genisys English

Back in 1984, director James Cameron helmed a futuristic project TERMINATOR that featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn. This was a followed with a superhit sequel TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, which went on to become one of the biggest hits of all time. Now a little over three decades we see the release of the fifth installment in the TERMINATOR franchise with TERMINATOR GENISYS, which features Arnold Schwarzenegger from the original cast.

The film starts off with the resistance led by John Connor (Jason Clarke) on the verge of winning the war against Skynet. In a last ditch attempt to end the war, Connor sends his trusted lieutenant Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back through time to save his mother's life and ensure his own existence. But what Reese finds on the other side is like nothing he ever expected. After being orphaned at the age 9 by a Terminator, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) has been brought up by another Terminator, played by Schwarzenegger, programmed to protect her. This Terminator has then trained her to face her destiny, which she adamantly tries to reject. Now Sarah, Kyle and the reprogrammed Terminator have to escape the T-800, the T-1000 and John Connor himself in a desperate attempt to stop Judgment Day from ever happening; while at the same time trying to stop the sinister Genisys app from going online. But after the letdown in the previous film TERMINATOR SALVATION (TS), will the new TERMINATOR GENISYS rekindle excitement created by TERMINATOR JUDGEMENT DAY... Let's analyze.

Right from the start, TERMINATOR GENISYS seems more like a film for the fans of the series. It most definitely is a follow-up to Cameron's vision in the first film and second film, complete with references sometimes minor and other major to those movies, along with the inclusion of tunes, background scores and even recreation of certain scenes from those films. However, TERMINATOR GENISYS (TG) takes a whole new twist with Kyle Reese time travelling not once but twice, that leads to a much debatable yet realistic past. This is where TG enters a new domain. While the previous films kept time travel to a minimum focusing more on characters, surroundings and action, TG jumps on the other hand, uses the concept of time travel as the crux of the film basing the entire story and character development around it. Thanks to this, the film appears to be more of a reboot (something that many other franchises are using) than a sequel to the previous films.

Another big drawback of the repeated time jumps the characters go through is that the audiences are left with dual timelines and existence possibilities, not forgetting Arnold mouthing off some heavily scientific dialogues about quantum fields, alternate time-lines, nexus in time points associated with important events, et al. Add to this the new AI (Artificial Intelligence) that is being developed under the name 'Genisys' that in all likelihood will be the ultimate facilitator in leading an all-encompassing 'connected life' evolving on its own and developing a sense of survival, in essence becoming the new age Skynet, and the entire film has a feel of being more of several short parts stitched together to for a feature film.

Director Alan Taylor has done a good job with direction. Despite the multiple time jumps and a very convenient script, he more than manages to retain the semblance of a linear story line. The action and explosion sequences appear seamless compounded with some top notch CGI work in recreating a younger Arnold for one of the sequences.

Coming to individual performances in the film Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original Terminator who was sorely missed in TERMINATOR SALVATION, is back and is lovably called Pops, albeit looking a bit aged. However, despite him embodying the essence of being the Terminator and him being responsible for quite a few high octane explosive sequences, the viewer is left with wanting a lot more. Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese is just misplaced, from being the skinny confused, terrified, beleaguered soldier doomed to face a tragic fate in the previous film, he has somehow transformed into a hulking new character, who is clean shaved with a chiseled physique that just doesn't fit the bill. On the other hand, Emilia Clarke does a good job with her character of a neo-apocalyptic Sarah Connor, who has grown from being the damsel forever in danger to the battle ready hard ass who is certainly packing a load. Sadly nothing much can be said about Jason Clarke as John Connor, who is the one character that has undergone the most change since the first film. His role seems rather limited, in effect transforming the story of TG from being the fight lead by John into one that is spearheaded by Reese, Sarah and Pops.

On the whole, TERMINATOR GENISYS despite featuring tons of action scenes and some humorous bits, lacks the edgy feel of the original film. However, if you are a diehard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, then TERMINATOR GENISYS is worth a watch.

Second Hand Husband Movie Review - Punjabi flavoured chewing gum...


The moment we hear the name 'Sholay', one tends to instantly remember various positive points associated with it, including the famous dialogues by Dharmendra, the He-Man of Bollywood. Dharmendra started his career with some great performance based films followed by his romantic films with Hema Malini, leading to the multi-starrer action films of the 80's era. But, when it came to the 90's era, Dharmendra lowered his standards by working in multiple 'B' grade films and that too on daily based remuneration. Thanks to the films like 'Jhonny Gaddar', 'Apne', 'Life In A Metro', 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' and few more in the recent years, he has managed to bring back his credibility as an actor. Though, his last few films failed to click over the box office and thus, being a fan of this macho man, one does look forward to his latest comical film 'Second Hand Husband'. So, let's find out whether Dharam Paaji will manage to tickle the funny bone of his fans or might end up giving us another disaster comical film like 'Yamla Pagla Deewana 2'.

Second Hand Husband Movie ReviewStory:

'Second Hand Husband' is a story of Rajvir (Gippy Garewal), who wants to get married to his lady love Gurpeet (Tina Anuja). Like all love stories here too, the problem is that, Rajvir is recently divorced, but has to give a heavy alimony to his wife Neha (Geeta Basra), leaving hardly any money for him to support his livelihood. In order to get rid of this alimony problem Rajvir starts looking out for a rich guy who can get married to Neha. Neha on the other hand has her eye on Rajvir's flirty boss Ajit Singh (Dharmendra). What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Second Hand Husband Movie StillScreenplay & Technicalities:

The one liner story line seems super hilarious on papers and even in the film, there are few good comical moments like Dharmendra flirting with Deepshika, Sanjay Mishra's introduction scene with Mukesh Tiwari and a few more. Sadly, the laughs start to dry out due to the overdose Punjabi style, loud humour and lots of side tracks. The scenes are stretched to the fullest and has many tracks running parallel at the same time. Dharmendra -Rati Agnihotri - Deepshika track reminds you of films like 'Pati Patni Aur Woh' and 'No Entry'. There are many trashy dialogues like 'Kutte ki pooch aur mard ki mooch mein koi farak nahin' in the film, which ends up being unintentionally funny.

Music & Direction:

The music is good and songs like 'Channa kaha guzari', 'Mitthi meri jaan', 'Rab jaisa zarror hain' and 'Bad baby' are enjoyable.

The director Sandeep Kang comes up with an interesting comical plot line, but fails to do proper justice to it. He manages to entertain you with some good songs and couple of comical scenes. Wished the positive points would have been more, so that the film too, would have ended up as a decent entertainer.

Second Hand Husband Movie WallpaperPerformances:

Gippy Garewal tries hard to act, but fails miserably due to his local accent and weird expressions. Tina Ahuja looks fake and has computerized make up stuck to her face. It's tough to decide who is worse among these two actors. Dharmendra is enjoyable in parts, but sleepwalks in the other scenes. Geeta Basra looks good and puts up a decent act. Sanjay Mishra, Vijay Raaz and Mukesh Tiwari are funny in their parts. Rati Agnihotri, Deepshikha and Alok Nath are wasted. Harbhajan Singhs cameo is welcomed.

Final Verdict: So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

Dum ??? Well, the movie has some enjoyable songs along with few good comical scenes. Dharmendra's fan would like to forget this film like how they did in his last few films, though the audience in north India will love the presence of their local favourites. It's only due to over the top type of performances and loud humour, that makes this movie look like a Punjabi flavoured chewing gum, where after the initial fun ends up as bland and tasteless.

Ratings: 1.5/5

Inside Out

The animation giant Pixar has never failed to awe us with their creative wonders on the big screen. Although there has been an exception to this (CARS 2), the latest release INSIDE OUT promises to bring back that old school magic that Pixar is known for.

Starting off, the film tracks the life of Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father takes up a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. The emotions live in 'Head-quarters', the control centre inside Riley's mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley's main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, all five emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school. Will this mixture of emotions in a kid's film be able to entice the audiences is what we analyze.

The last release from Pixar was two years ago (in 2013), in the form of MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (MU). However, unlike the usual fanfare and expectations that come along with Pixar films, MU had proved to be a letdown. Now after a two year hiatus, Pixar returns with INSIDE OUT that has been positioned as kids' film. Entering the film, we were geared to watch yet another kids' flick that might leave us with a warm feeling or might just turn out to be another flick not worth remembering. However, what we witnessed was the return of the giant Pixar to its former glory. Right from the start the focus of the film is on capturing the viewers' attention, with the human psychology and emotions coming to life in a rather chaotic yet appealing setting within the protagonist's mind. A point worth mentioning here is the immense attention and detail that the development team and animators have done to develop a flawless and fluid motion to the animation. In fact, the animation is so well combined with the story that they add an incredible depth and complexity to the amusing spectacle.

With INSIDE OUT, the makers manage to paint an excellent juxtaposition between the mundane human world and the complexity of the human mind. On the outside, the film presents a very drab setting to Riley's San Francisco life, an uncharacteristic setting of the normally captivating Pixar. The mind, however, is a vibrant world that is an excellent blend of organic, mechanical, industrial and fantasy all while maintaining the core of neurology? Though the makers seldom focus on the individuals, except for just glances, each character has been developed to add depth not just to the film but to each of the emotions.

INSIDE OUT is surprisingly engrossing. In fact, director Pete Docter combines his directorial skills and his story telling experience from working on earlier releases like TOY STORY, MONSTERS INC, WALL-E and UP to develop a fantastically imaginative, original, well written, and perfectly designed film along with co-director Ronalo Del Carment. While the two need to be applauded for coming up with such a brilliant concept as writers, the screenplay by Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley along with Pete is worth a mention.

However, none of this would have been complete without actors who added their own touch to these emotions with their voices. Amy Poehler (Joy), Bill Hader (Fear), Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Lewis Black (Anger), Mindy Kaling (Disgust) have done a great job in dubbing for the lead characters.

On the whole, INSIDE OUT is truly one of Pixar's best works which appeals not only to the kids but even grown-ups, helping you understand your 'emotions' better. It is definitely a must-watch this weekend.

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho

The genre of satire has always existed in Bollywood. Be it religious satire or political satire, Bollywood has seen almost everything. This week's release MISS TANAKPUR HAZIR HO is a political satire that reflects the society of today. Will the film reflect success or will it reflect failure at the box-office, let's analyze.

The film starts off with the summoning of 'Miss Tanakpur' by the court. The story then goes into flashback mode and mirrors all the events that led to the summoning of 'Miss Tanakpur' by the court. The film is set in the village of Tanakpur, which is 'headed' by the 'Inglish eespeaking Pradhaan' Sualal Gandas (Annu Kapoor), who is married to a young Maya (Hrishita Bhatt). Pradhaan is unable to keep his 'wife happy', which leads her to fall in love with a young and aspiring wannabe' policeman Arjun (Rahul Bagga). The duo never skips even a single opportunity to meet each other, something that sets Pradhaan's mind to work overtime with suspicion. Since his repeated confrontations with his wife yield no results, he takes help of the 'multi-talented' Goswami (Sanjay Mishra), who 'engages' the dead peoples' spirits for the job of finding out the culprit. And after many attempts, when Pradhaan finds out the culprit to be Arjun, he and his henchmen beat him black and blue and get him tied down semi-naked in front of the whole village. While this leads to Arjun's sister's ongoing marriage being called off, simultaneously his father also passes away. Sensing that the villagers may get to know the 'real reason' for him to publicly humiliate Arjun, Pradhaan cooks up an impromptu story that the reason why he bashed up Arjun was because Arjun raped his priceless buffalo, which had incidentally been crowned as 'Miss Tanakpur' at the village fair. And as a 'punishment', Pradhaan and his men order Arjun to get married to 'Miss Tanakpur'. What happens after that is series of events which takes the film forward. Will Arjun ever break his silence and tell the village the real reason, does he land up marrying 'Miss Tanakpur', does Maya ever open up to everyone about her relationship with Arjun in order to save him from the ordeal... is what forms the rest of the film.

As far as the film is concerned, its writer-director Vinod Kapri has tried his best to adapt a real life incident into a film. But what seems to be playing spoilsport in the film is the lack of direction. Because of the lack of strong directorial prowess, the film seems a bit out of place in today's context. While the first half of the film sets up the mood and the tempo of the film, the second half starts lagging and dragging at many places. The film's direction also starts going astray at places.

As far as the performances in the film are concerned, the film is steered away by Annu Kapoor, who excels in his role of Sualal Gandas. He really delivers what was expected of him and his role. There are moments when he really wins over the audience with his performance. Onto a close second is the ever reliable and dependable Sanjay Mishra, who comes up with yet another memorable act. While Ravi Kissen is good in parts, Hrishita Bhatt seems to be struggling at places in the film. But she delivers a punch in the scene where she converses with the buffalo. Rahul Bagga does a decent job if not a memorable one. While Om Puri is good in his role, the rest of the characters help the film in moving forward.

While the film's music (Palash Muchal, Sushmit Sen) is nothing great to write about, it's the film's background music (Vinayak Netke) that helps the film sail through. While the film's cinematography (Yogesh Jani) is good, it is the film's editing (Deven Murdeshwar) that could have been better.

On the whole, MISS TANAKPUR HAZIR HO can be skipped with any regret.

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