Mr X

The 'invisible man' concept has been done in Bollywood quite a few times before. Films like Vijay Bhatt's MR. X, Kishore Kumar starrer MR. X IN BOMBAY, Tusshar Kapoor starrer GAAYAB and the Shekhar Kapoor directed cult film MR. INDIA have been some of the films done in the past. This week's release is Vikram Bhatt's MR. X, a film that's again based on the 'invisible man'. Will this film make its 'presence felt' at the box-office or will it do the disappearing act, let's analyze.

The film starts off with Anti Terrorist Department's (ATD) Inspector Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) in action along with his colleague cum fiancée Siya Varma (Amyra Dastur), saving a bus full of passengers that's about to be blasted by a human bomb. Post the incident, when Raghu and Siya are about to get married, Raghu is sent on a mission of the Chief Minister's safety by his superior Bharadwaj (Arunodaya Singh). The situation takes a U-turn when Raghu gets to know that he is basically being used as a pawn in order to kill the minister. And when Raghu refuses to be a part of this plan, he gets threatened with Siya's life. Left with no option, Raghu lands up shooting the minister in front of the full media. When he manages to escape, he gets caught by Bharadwaj and his men, who beat him mercilessly and leave him to die. Suddenly, a 'divine intervention' takes place and Raghu springs back to life but in a very distorted state. That's when his friend Popo (Tanmay Bhatt) takes him to his scientist sister, who treats him with an 'experimental potion'. Even though the potion cures his disfigured body, it lands up making him invisible. He can be seen only in sunlight and ultra violet light. Taking advantage of his invisibility, Raghu starts operating under the name of 'Mr. X' and initiates the revenge drama wherein he vows to eliminate the corrupt bad guys. The story then takes another twist when Siya starts hating Raghu to the core because of him killing the minister. She, unknowingly, joins Bharadwaj and teams up against Raghu in order to arrest him. Does the innocent Siya become successful in helping the villainous Bharadwaj in arresting Raghu, does Siya ever get to know the truth that the mysterious Mr. X is no one else Raghu, will the invisible Raghu be becomes successful in avenging his 'killers', is what which forms the rest of the story.

Besides the fact that the film's director Vikram Bhatt attempts his hand in the 'invisible man' genre, there is absolutely nothing about the film that's worth its salt. Given that it's an 'Emraan Hashmi' film, Vikram should have ensured that he gives the audiences the quintessential 'Emraan Hashmi-ims', which are sorely missing in the film. Even though one cannot question Vikram's sincerity in attempting a film of a genre that's majorly based on vfx, the 3D effects are not bad. With such a promising concept, expectations of having a gripping storyline and captivating screenplay meets with zero results. What is shocking is that, Vikram, who has earlier made quality 3D films like CREATURE, is hampered in MR. X because of the lack of a convincing screenplay. Even though the film looks engaging at places, the treatment given to the film doesn't live upto the audiences' expectations. This is solely because of the shaky plot which fails to hold the viewers' interest for long. While the first half of the film takes its own time to establish, the second half tends to drag endlessly (esp. the climax). While a typical 'Emraan Hashmi' film is always laced with memorable one liners, MR. X's dialogues (Shagufta Rafique) are corny.

As far as the performances in the film is concerned, even though the film depends heavily on the otherwise effortless Emraan Hashmi, he seems to be struggling in this film. For some strange reason, his performance comes across as a very restrained one. His love-hate relationship with Amyra's character leaves the audiences confused at regular intervals. The irony of the situation is that, even though the film is titled as MR. X, the film and Emraan both seem to be lacking the 'X' factor in unison. Emraan's on screen chemistry with Amyra seems to be lacking the required 'spark' to ignite the film. Speaking about Amyra, this is her second film after ISSAK. Despite the fact that she doesn't ooze the raw and rustic sensuality that is expected of a 'Bhatt heroine', she comes across as simple but stunningly beautiful in the film. It's her character's flip-flop which however endlessly drags the film in its second half. Despite being a towering personality, Arunoday Singh, sadly, seems to be wasted in the film.

Given the fact that all of Emraan Hashmi's films have at least one (smash) hit track in them, this film falters in that department as well. The film's music (Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari) lacks any hit or hummable songs. It's the film's background music (Raju Singh) that manages to hold the film. While the film's cinematography (Pravin Bhatt) is decent, its editing (Kuldeep Mehan) is average.

On the whole, watch MR. X only if you are a die-hard Emraan Hashmi fan.

Mr X Movie Review - 'Blame It On The Radiated Bhatt's'


As a kid we were fascinated by reading the stories of 'The Invisible Man' by H.G.Wells and always wanted to see it in the cinematic form. Like a million others, my first memory too, was Anil Kapoor's, 'Mr.India'. The adventures and the fantasy world of 'Mr.India' fascinated me to watch a few more films based on the invisible man in our Hindi cinema. The oldest one was Ashok Kumar starrer 'Mr.X' (made by Nanabhai Bhatt, father of Mukesh & Mahesh Bhatt) along with the entertaining Kishore Kumar starrer 'Mr.X in Bombay'. Then there were few more films like Amol Palekar's 'Mr.X', Vinod Mehra's 'Elaan', Tusshar Kapoor's 'Gayabb' and Sanjeev Kumar's 'Professor Ki Padosan', which ended up being the product of trashy films due to its weak storyline and terrible low budget special effects. These films on the technical level were not even one fourth of the films made internationally. The only reason films like 'Mr.India' and 'Mr.X in Bombay' stood out, were the entertainment factor with an interesting story line and some fantastic music attached to it. Decades later, the Bhatt camp comes up with their latest venture 'Mr.X' which this time has Emraan Hashmi instead of Ashok Kumar and is made with latest technicalities which as per the makers of the film is on the lines of international films like 'Hollow Man' and few more. Thus, let's find out whether 'Mr.X' will upgrade the level of such types of films in our Hindi cinema or might end up being another weak inspiration of Hollywood types of films with lots of trashy moments attached to it.

Mr X Movie ReviewStory:

'Mr.X' is a story of Raghu Rathod (Emraan Hashmi) working in the anti terrorist department and is in love with his fellow officer Siya (Amyra Dastur). Raghu and Siya are assigned a security assignment of the chief minister by their department head ACP Bharadwaj (Arunoday Singh), where Raghu is forced to assassinate the minister. Later, he is burnt alive in a chemical factory where Raghu survives badly and has some radiation reaction due to which he becomes partial invisible. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story starts with a very average story line and is struggling hard throughout the film. The movie has high influence of Hollywood films as the whole setup and even locations (which as per the film are of Mumbai) are of international styling. The screenplay takes lot of time in establishing the basic plot of the film with unwanted love track, terrorist operation and sudden plotting against the chief minister. The part of Emraan turning into the invisible man matches up to the sensibilities of trashy T.V series like C.I.D and others. When Emraan is burnt alive in a chemical factory, the whole factory blows up and is later investigated by the cops. Despite of all of these, Emraan survives with burns, where he looses his hair's, but his clothes are intact (without even creating a small spot of burned cloth). Later, he goes to some radiation laboratory, where he drinks an anti radiation drink (which reminds you of Pepsi-Blue cola) and converts into an invisible man with total body regeneration (where he gets his hair, skin and yes the intact clothes back). There are many such trashy scenes which will make you respect director Shekhar Kapoor for not trying out such gimmicks in his film 'Mr.India' and making it a classic in its own sense. Also, instead of having more action or entertaining scenes there are back to back discussion scenes between Emraan and Amyra in the second half of the film, making it boring and dragging. The forced comical track was unwanted. The last half an hour with a fight between Emraan and Arunoday was over the top, followed by the stale finale scene. The only good part in the movie was Emraan's prosthetics followed by Amyra trying to trap him and later Arunoday. The 3D effects were decent but, nothing great.

Mr X Movie Still Music & Direction:

Emraan Hashmi and the Bhatt's are known for their outstanding music, sadly in 'Mr.X' except for 'Tu Jo Hain', there is nothing more in this film.

Mr X Movie Wallpaper

It looks like director Vikram Bhatt is either trying to set some sort of record of directing maximum numbers of 3D films or is trying to overcome his technical mistakes from his last directed 3D venture with a hope of getting it right someday. There is hardly any entertainment factor or an interesting drama in the film. Vikram's grandfather Vijay Bhatt, made history by making a film on invisible man way back in the late 30's with the same name and sadly Vikram won't get any positive fame with this half baked film.


Emraan Hashmi looked cool, but lacked the intensity. Amyra Dastur looks beautiful and gives a decent performance. Arunoday Singh was a misfit for his role. Tanmay Bhat struggles a lot to get into his character, but fails miserably.So bol meri "Filmi Khopdi" iss film mein kitna hain Dum???Dum??? Well, 'Mr.X' had a great opportunity of becoming a kid loving franchise film like 'Krissh', but ends up being a decent trashy product due to its weak screenplay and lethargic direction. It's not a bad watch, but it's not worth a watch either. Despite of having everything needed for such type of film, it lacks highly on the 'X'-factor and for that, one can blame it on the Bhatts radiated by the high influence of Hollywood films.

Ratings : 2/5

Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina Movie Review - Worth Bunking...


There was a time when classical dance was an integral part of our Hindi cinema. In addition, there were many films where classical dance was the integral part of the movie. While many heroines like Vyjayanthimala, Hema Malini, Meenakshi Sheshadri and many more are known for their outstanding dances in the movies, we also witnessed few actors like Gopi Kishen, Kamal Hassan, Govinda and few more who portrayed their talent as a classical dancer on the silver screen. Gradually, this tradition started fading and the modern dance form took its place in films like 'Disco Dancer','Illzaam' etc. to recent ones like 'ABCD' and more. Thus, the first promo of 'Ek Adbhut Dakshina - Guru Dakshina', managed to raise curiosity due to its central theme being set on the backdrop of classical dance. So, let's find out whether 'Ek Adbhut Dakshina - Guru Dakshina' will be one of those surprising small films with good content attached to it or might be yet another film where there is nothing much to offer besides its unusual one liner plot line.

Ek Adhbut Dakshina Guru Dakshina Movie ReviewStory:

'Ek Adbhut Dakshina - Gurudakshina' is a story of an orphan Dev (Rajeev Govinda Pillai) , who is adopted by Guruji (Girish Karnad) as he has great dancing skills. Guruji brings Dev to his dancing academy, which is co-managed by Meera (Roopa Ganguly). Time flies and Dev turns out to be one of the brightest student of Guruji and also starts to manage the academy. Dev secretly likes Guruji's daughter Sona (Sulagna Panigrahi), but is afraid to express his feelings to her. On the other hand Sona meets Ghambhira (Rajesh Shringapure) and starts getting attracted towards him and his dance form. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story starts on an interesting note with the backdrop of classical dance academy attached to it, but as it moves forward, it is ambushed by several side tracks. There are a few interesting scenes in the first half, especially involving Rajesh Shringapure and his dances, but besides him and his dances, there is nothing much to cherish in this dragging and abrupt film. The side tracks of the Naxals and Rajeev's Himachal track, along with Rajesh's behaviour in the second half does not gel with the flow of the film. At one point there are several tracks running in the film together and almost all of them seemed unwanted. The climax, despite of a good dance is abrupt and disappointing. The scenes are super long and presented in T.V serial style due to which the movie fails to connect with you on an emotional as well as on the dramatic level. The camera work is decent and the location of Kolkata and Himachal are captured very well.

Ek Adbhut Dakshina Guru Dakshina StillMusic & Direction:There are several songs in the film out of which, few are decent but nothing worth mentioning.

Debutant director Kiran Phadnis starts with a simple yet grounded tale, but as the movie progresses the half baked script starts to ruin the impact of the film. There are many abrupt and unwanted moments in the film. Also, at times the film looked tacky and outdated. Though, the dances are well choreographed and shot in a very artistic manner. The choice of young actors should have been better, as almost all of them have a different accent and does not match up to its backdrop of Kolkata.


Girish Karnad and Roopa Ganguly are fine in their small part. Rajeev Govinda Pillai and Sulagna Panigrahi struggle a lot, but have a good screen presence. Rajesh Shringapure is superb in the initial part of the film along with his dances, but thanks to his confused characterization, all efforts go in vain.

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

Dum??? Well the basic plot line is interesting with a couple of good classical dances attached to it. Besides these minor positive points, there is nothing much interesting to watch in this film. The weak story line and abrupt screenplay ruins the film and makes it worth bunking.

Ratings : 1.5/5

Margarita With A Straw

There have been many films in the past that have dealt with the lives of 'specially able' people. Prominent amongst them are films like Aamir Khan's TAARE ZAMEEN PAR (Dyslexia), PAA (Progeria), BARFI! (Autism), MY NAME IS KHAN (Asperger's Syndrome) and a handful of others. While most of these films have either made an impact at the Box-Office commercially or have 'earned' rave reviews, this week's release MARGARITA WITH A STRAW deals with a sensitive issue like 'Cerebral palsy'. Will this film be as appreciated as the aforementioned films or will it land up biting the dust at the box office, lets analyze.

Shubhangini (Revathy)'s life revolves around her son Monu (Malhar Khushu), husband Baljit (Kuljeet Singh) and her wheelchair bound daughter Laila (Kalki Koechlin), who suffers from cerebral palsy. However, Laila, a strong headed girl, doesn't let that 'handicap' word obstruct her from penning soul stirring lyrics for her rock band. Laila yearns to be counted amongst the 'normal' people and lands up dumping her boyfriend Dhruv (Hussain Dalal) because he is handicapped and even she shows her middle finger to the judges of a rock show amidst a huge audience because they decide to give her band the first prize, only because, the lyrics were written by a 'handicapped person'. As time passes by, Laila gradually falls in love with one of her band member Nima (Tenzing Dalha) but when he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, her world comes crashing down. Life moves on as Laila decides to start afresh when she shifts with her mother for her creative writing course at NYU. Love blossoms yet again for Laila, who starts developing feelings for her classmate Jared (William Moseley), with whom she eventually gets physical. However, there comes a twist, when her blind room partner Khanum (Sayani Gupta) confesses that she is gay and that she loves her immensely. Reluctant at first, Laila also gradually starts developing a liking for Khanum and they both land up getting intimate with each other. That's when Laila realizes that she is bisexual, who is torn between the battle of two sexes and sexual preferences. Gathering all the courage and confidence, she confesses to her mother about her sexual orientations. Life however gets topsy-turvy for Laila when she discovers a startling truth about her mother. Does Shubhangini accept her daughter's sexual orientation and cope up with the same, what is the truth about Shubhangini that shocks Laila terribly, does Laila ultimately get settled with Khanum, Jared or Dhruv or a 'different' person altogether… is what forms the rest of the film.

Right from the word go, the film takes you into a world of its own. And the only person to be credited for this is its director Shonali Bose, who had earlier directed the Konkona Sen Sharma starrer AMU. With MARGARITA WITH A STRAW, Shonali takes a giant leap in terms of storytelling and directing. When it comes to films like these, wherein the protagonist is suffering from a physical disorder, it becomes the total responsibility of the director to extract a convincing performance from the cast and Shonali manages that quite well. Full points to her for handling the film sensitively! Even though the film is slow paced, Shonali, manages to make it power packed. MARGARITA WITH A STRAW is one of the very few films where the silences and the pauses create more impact than the dialogues. Shonali really needs to be applauded for shooting the sex scenes without making it look vulgar or cheap.

As far as the actors are concerned, the film belongs to Kalki Koechlin completely. The conviction with which she portrays the role of a cerebral palsy affected Laila is absolutely stunning. One has to applaud her for choosing this challenging role, leaving aside her inhibitions. The second tower house performer in the film is definitely Revathy. She is absolutely a sheer delight to watch especially in sequences wherein she puts up a brave face in front of her family, despite fighting her inner unspoken pains and sufferings. She is not just a pillar to her daughter but to the film as the whole. Sayani Gupta, as a performer is good but her character is not convincing enough. The rest of the characters viz., Kuljeet Singh, Malhar Khushu, Hussain Dalal, Tenzing Dalha, William Moseley and others are good in their respective parts.

The music (Mikey McCleary) is definitely one of the film's highlights. The film's music acts as a bridge to connect the audiences with the film. While the cinematography (Anne Misawa) exudes its own charm, the editing (Monisha R Baldawa) acts as a key factor in the film.

On the whole, MARGARITA WITH A STRAW is decent film but it will struggle at the box-office as it caters to a very niche segment of the audience.

Margarita With A Straw Movie Review : Intoxicating blend of ace performance and heartfelt moments...'


Almost a decade back Konkana Sen Sharma starrer film 'Amu', shocked its audience by showing some hard hitting reality related to the genocidal attacks on the Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. Cine-lovers loved this reality based thriller directed by Shonali Bose and wanted to see more films directed by her. After a decade, she comes back with her latest film 'Margarita with a straw', which is an unusual story of a girl with cerebral palsy. In the past, we had many seen films portraying its main protagonist suffering from some medical paralysis, but none of them has ventured with so much detailing attached to it. Thus, let's find out whether 'Margarita with a straw' will manage to give us a path breaking film due to so many talented people associated with it or might end up being one of those typical films, where the illness is used only to add the emotional quotient to the film.

Margarita with a Straw ReviewStory:

'Margarita with a straw' is a story of Laila (Kalki Koechelin), who is suffering from cerebral palsy and is an aspiring writer. Laila's family keeps looking after her, especially her mother (Revathy). Laila seeks an admission in New York University and there she meets a young activist Khanum (Sayani Gupta) and falls in love with her. How does Laila deal with her sexuality and her family, is what the entire film is all about.

Margarita with a Straw StillScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story is simple and has been presented with lots of moments and decent screenplay attached to it. There are many small nuances whichmanage to give a smile on your face along with a lump in your throat at frequent intervals. The movie is not a story of how a person is coping with his/her illness, instead this movie is about the girl suffering with an illness, trying to discover herself and her inner desires. It's a journey with lots of sweet and sour moments like Kalki and her friend trying to buy a vibrator, Kalki doing her routine stuffs, Kalki's expressing her feeling to Tenzin Dalha, Kalki dancing with her family, Kalki's moments with Revathy, Kalki's bonding with her writer, Kalki's swimming with Sayani Gupta, Kalki and Sayani in a restaurant followed by a night out and love making, Sayani sharing her story, Kalki's 'Bi' chat with Revathy, Revathy crying in front of the mirror, Kalki revealing her sexuality to Revathy, Kalki's confession to Sayani and many more such scenes. There are some great cinematic moments like the whole lovemaking track between Kalki and Sayani Gupta followed by the finale scene which sums the whole story. If only there would have been a scene before the finale, trying to justify the climax the impact of the film would have been more stronger. Also, the scenes are very short due to which in many scenes, the connection factor fails to establish. The middle portions of the film starts to wander and comes to a stagnation point due to its simple story line. The camera work is superb and the movie has been shot in a brilliant manner.

Margarita with a Straw WallpaperMusic & Direction:

Music is good, but not as per the level and demand of the film. 'Foreign Balamwa' is peppy and 'Choone Chali Aasman' is meaningful. The background music is superb and goes totally with the flow of the film.

Director Shonali Bose, comes up with a unique and unconventional film which touches many taboo subjects and presents it with total pride. She deals every issue attached to the film with total sensibilities and her fine skills as a director.The pace and the impact would have been on a different level only if there would have been some concrete scenes attached to it.


Kalki Koechlin deserves a standing ovation for her outstanding performance. She will put all her contemporary actresses to shame with her flawless performance. Her facial expressions, body moments, smile, innocence in her eyes, glowing of skin and such things adds up life to her character in the film. 2015 will be known as a year of Kalki Koechlin, as it's very rare that we get to witness such ace performances. Revathi lends brilliant support and does her part with total grace. Sayani Gupta is charming and performed her role with total integrity. Kuljeet Singh, Hussain Dalal, Malhar Khushu, Tenzin Dalha and others lend good support.

Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum?? Well, this movie is a must watch for all those who love sensible cinema and can appreciate fine performances as, Kalki raises the benchmark of Hindi film actresses with the help of her flawless performance. Though, the regular entertaining film lovers will shy away from this product and might find it too arty or slow as per their taste and sensibilities. On an overall basis, 'Margarita with a straw' is an intoxicating blend of ace performance & heartfelt moments, which deserves to be cherished with every sip of it.

Ratings : 3.5/5

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