Dozakh Movie Review - 'A Noble Heart Wrenching Film...'


Every week we witness new releases of films. Though, most of them are popular Hindi cinema, there are various other types of films like the non-starrer, dubbed, small films with less known actors and the regular B-grade/C-grade ones which get released simultaneously. Sometimes we also witness releases that are independent films also known as, festival films. These films are specifically made for film festivals without the support of any big banners or actors nor does it have the means for a proper release. The only selling factor they have is a unique storyline and the laurels attached to it due to the participation in various film festivals. In the Doordarshan days, the majority of these films used to be screened on the national television only, as they failed to get a proper release. Most of these films had brilliant storyline and were presented in a fine art form matching to the international standards. With the rise of multiplex era, things changed, as few of these films started getting a proper cinematic release. 'Dozakh' is one such film which got screened at various film festivals and now after an await of two years, it finally releases today. So, let's find out whether 'Dozakh', will live up to the laurels and appreciation attached to it or might be among those films which got good response in the film festivals but failed to match up to the expectation level of its audience.

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven Movie ReviewScreenplay & Technicalities:

'Dozakh' is the story of a small Muslim boy Janu (Garrick Chaudhary) and his father Maulvi Sahab (Lalit Mohan Tiwari). Janu is fascinated towards the Ram-Leela happening in his area and thus with the help of Panditji (Nazim Khan), he learns the dialogues and keeps rehearsing. Maulvi Sahab keeps scolding Janu as he does not like his friendship with Panditji. Despite of the scoldings Janu keeps meeting Panditji until the death of his mother (Ruby Saini). After the death, Janu badly starts missing his mother and one fine day disappears from his house. Maulvi Sahab starts hunting for Janu and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven Still

The story is based on the book by the same name written by the director himself and has a unique tale to offer. The film has been treated in an artistic manner with lots of flashback moments attached to it. Every scene involving the child Garrick Chaudhary are cute and interesting. Scenes like Garrick going to shop, Garrick's interaction with Panditji followed by digging his mom's grave and a few more are highly entertaining and main highlights of the film. The climax part is very hard hitting and something unimaginable. The story narration is super slow and takes lot of time in establishing the main plot. It's perfect for film festival audiences, but the normal cine goers might find tough to digest it. The slow shots along with multiple flashback scenes and whole artistic treatment, dilutes the flow of the film. Also, the sound is not properly synced and thus at times it's hard to understand the dialogues. There are few abrupt scenes which seemed like the bad result of confused script. Cinematography by Mailson Rangaswamy is superb and the location of Varanasi is brilliantly visible in the film.

Music & Direction:

Background music by Aman Pant is jarring and fails to go with the flow of the film.

Director Zaigham Imam comes up with a unique tale of a child who is in love with two religions and the dilemma he has to face. He presents the film in a very artistic manner. Though, there should have been more detailing attached to the film failing to which the connect with the film keeps breaking at frequent intervals. People who love slow and artistic types of film will fall in love with the beauty of 'Dozakh', but besides them the rest will find hard to digest it.


Garrick Chaudhary is sweet and charming. His real life innocence adds up life to his reel character. Lalit Mohan Tiwari is fine in his part and does full justice to his character. Nazim Khan was not up to the mark. Ruby Saini and Pawan Tiwari were fine in their parts.

Dozakh In Search Of Heaven WallpaperSo bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum???

Dum??? Well, its treat for all those who love, artistic type of films and will cherish the unique theme attached to it. If only the writing would have been more powerful and to the point, the movie might have found a wider audience. On an overall basis its a noble intended heart wrenching film, which will cater only to its targeted audience.

Rating : 3/5 (Have been an ardent supporter of such small independent films, thus have added a additional star in the ratings)


If you thought that 'sex' was a forbidden word in Bollywood, then pinch yourself hard and think again. For these are the days when Bollywood filmmakers have taken a giant leap and have graduated into many other arenas which are gustier than the three lettered forbidden word. The recent era has witnessed Bollywood spinning many a sex comedies in the form of KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM, KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM, GRAND MASTI and likes. But, this week's release HUNTERRR, despite falling in the same 'genre', does not qualify to be a sex-comedy, as it's more of 'coming-of-age' film. Does HUNTERRR actually manage to 'come of age' or is it a case of an 'old wine in a new bottle'? Lets analyze.

The film starts off with the self-confessed 'Vaasu' aka Mandar Ponkshe (Gulshan Devaiah) and his interaction with his fiancée Trupti (Radhika Apte). The film, then, runs into a flashback, only to be merged with the present. These series of flashback to the present day situations forms a regular fixture in the film, and that is how the film gets carried forward. The film traces Mandar's life's story and all the situations which led him to what he is today. Despite all his friends getting married, Mandar wants to remain unmarried for three basic reasons. While the first reason is that he is marriage-phobic, the second is that he doesn't believe in the concept of falling in 'love' and the last reason is that he feels that marriage will curb all his 'vaasugiri'... something which he has been doing since his younger days! The flashback also shows him as a school student bunking classes and getting into a sleaze video parlour to see an adults film… only to be caught by the cops and paraded in public with his head half shaved! As he grows 'up', he starts understanding the 'wants of a woman' and thus, he becomes a 'hunter' of sorts. And his hunted 'objects' include the married lady Jyotsna (Sai Tamhankar), Parul (Veera Saxena) and a handful of other catches (which also includes the very proverbial 'Savita Bhabhi'). Amidst all this, he comes across a very carefree Trupti, whom he gets engaged to. But the problem is that, Mandar, in order to impress her, says that he is a very 'doodh ka dhula' type of man and is far away from the world of sex, affairs, women and likes. On the other hand, the frank and outspoken Trupti makes it very clear about her past affairs and also a broken engagement. The problem starts when Mandar realizes that he has actually fallen in love with Trupti and that he must go and confess before her about his 'vaasugiri' activities. That's when he alongwith his cousin-cum-friend-cum-confidante Yusuf (Sagar Deshmukh) gets drunk and an intoxicated Mandar goes to confess to knock on Trupti's door at the wee hours.

Does an highly intoxicated Mandar succeed in coming clean before Trupti, does Trupti accept Mandar despite knowing about all his 'vaasugiri', what was the reason for Trupti's broken engagement and what happens to all of Mandar's past affairs is what forms the rest of the film.

Technically, HUNTERRR is Harshavardhan Kulkarni's debut film as a director (the short film LOST & FOUND notwithstanding). This man clearly seems to know the message that he wants to convey through the film. Full marks to him for making this 'sex' film, without making it look vulgar. Even though there are some places (esp. in the second half) where the film starts to struggle (read 'stretched'), Harshavardhan has ensured that the film progresses smoothly by hook or by crook. The film's oscillation between the past and the present act as speed breaker, in the otherwise smooth film. As far as the performances are concerned, no prizes for guessing that it's none other than Gulshan Devaiah who leads the hunter gang. His exhibition of comic timing is very sincere and is as much believable as his 'timing' for sexual overtures and raw 'sensualness'. By the end of the film, he lands up convincing the viewer as to why is he the apt choice for the role. As far as the heroines in the film are concerned, it's a very tricky to analyze as to who 'scored' over the other. While Sai Tamhankar provides all the necessary chutzpah that was required to spice up her role, she lands up making absolutely no mistakes while bringing the film to its climax (no pun intended). Veera Saxena, who makes her debut with this film, is decent and delivers her part comfortably. On the other hand, it's the fiery Radhika Apte, who, after garnering rave reviews for her last release BADLAPUR, comes up with yet another stunner of a performance in HUNTERRR. Her timing is as effortless as her acting abilities. She is definitely a name to watch out for. Sagar Deshmukh, on his part, does a commendable job. The rest of the characters (Rachel Dsouza, Nitesh Pandey and others) do their bit to take this film forward.

The music of the film (Khamosh Shah) could have been further fine-tuned a bit more. On the other hand, the film's background music (Hitesh Sonik) takes the cake for effortlessly infusing itself into the film's situations.

Had the film's cinematography (John Jacob Payyapalli) been more taken care of, it would have definitely made a difference to the film. And had the film's editing (Kirti Nakhwa) been tighter, the confusion during the oscillation between the past and the present could have been easily avoided. In a film of such genre, it's generally the dialogues (mostly one-liners) which take the cake. And HUNTERRR is no different. And full credit goes to the impeccable duo of Harshavardhan Kulkarni and Vijay Maurya for springing up very impromptu lines. The film actually 'stands' and thrives on such dialogues and one liners.

On the whole, if you like naughty comedy full of witty lines, then HUNTERRR is a must watch for you.

Black Home Movie Review - 'Portrays The Dark World of Living Hell...'


Our Hindi films have been mostly fascinated by the fantasy world with lots of happiness and love attached to it. Even a film with its main protagonist belonging to a lower class, still the makers used to find ways to add certain situation where they can glorify or show their actors in glamorous avatar. While most of them followed this set course, there were daring filmmakers like Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, Mrinal Sen, Mani Kaul, Madhur Bhandarkar, Vishal Bharadwaj and few more, who ventured into the hard core reality world and presented them in the moderate manner without glorifying them at the level of popular cinema. These filmmakers showed us the naked world of prostitutes, media, corporate, civil services and many such topics, which were never ventured in our Hindi cinema. Inspired by most of these filmmakers, we have seen many inspired directors who have tried to attempt something different. Few of them succeeded while others ended up being mere clones. The latest to join them is director Ashish Deo, who dares to bring up a film based on the hardship of the remand home girls. Thus, let's find out whether this movie might end up delivering something different or might be among all those films where besides the unique concept, there is nothing else to offer.

Black Home PosterStory:

'Black Home' is a story of news bereau chief D.K (Ashutosh Rana) , who wants his assistant Anjali (Simran Sehmi) to investigate the happening behind the disappearance of some girls from the Rajawadi remand home. Anjali tires to find out the real truth from the incharge of the remand home Meena Kumari (Achint Kaur) and some of the girls from the remand home including Mirchi (Chitrashi Rawat). It takes a while for Anjali to find out the shocking happenings in the remand home and how do they expose it to the whole world is what the film is all about.

Black Home StillScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story is different and has been well researched with lots of hard work attached to it. Though, one might remember Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Jail' for some uncanny reasons. The film starts with some unwanted tracks, but as it reaches within the boundaries of the remand home, the movie sets on its right track with hard hitting scenes like Chitrashi Rawat's introduction scenes with fight, followed by small girls fighting for food, peon physically torturing small girls, Chitrashi's outburst on Simran, Mohan Joshi track, brutal rape in the finale part and many more. These scenes display the brutal reality happening across the tall walls of remand homes. Sadly, the impact of the film is diluted due to low production values, overdose of side tracks, tacky presentation and few unwanted scenes like Sharad Ponkshe's cross-dressing, Vishwajeet Pradhan's track and others.

Black Home WallpaperMusic & Direction:

Music by Akshay Hariharan is nice. 'Kaanha' and 'Mann Hai Bheega' are impressive. 'Tu Aadi Hai' by Asha Bhosle goes well with the flow of the film. The item song seemed forced and should have been omitted from the film.

Director Ashish Deo brings up a unique concept with lots of unseen happenings and exposing some hard reality of life. He highy sucecceds in the remand home scenes and leaves you speechless in some scenes. But, on the other hand the additional tracks and unwanted scenes are presented in a bad manner due to which the whole impact is diluted and the focus of the film gets affected. If only the movie would have been limited to the happenings and life in the remand home, the end results would have been memorable.


Chitrashi Rawat and Ashutosh Rana are perfect in their parts. You will love the raw side of Chitrashi and the cool part of Ashutosh. Simran Sehmi tries to do her part with grace, but ends up being among the negative points of the film. Mohan Joshi and Sharad Ponkshe display the much needed negativity in the film with their decent performances. Raju Kher, Achint Kaur, Amit Behl, Murli Sharma, Santosh Juvekar and others end up being in the film for namesake.

Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum?? Well, there is a good amount of dum in the basic plot line of the film supported by some hard hitting scenes and decent performances by Chitrashi and Ashutosh Rana. It is only that the movie lacks a star value and has been presented in a very shabby manner with lots of unwanted scenes and tacky production values. Nevertheless, the movie is worth a watch for all those who love to see something different as it portrays the dark world of living hell.

Ratings : 3.5/5 (Have been an ardent supporter of such small independent films, thus have added a additional star in the ratings)

Hunterrr Movie Review - 'An Exuberant journey of Adulthood...'


At one time, 'Playboy', 'Casanova', 'Dilphek', 'Aashiq Mizaaj' few such tags were quite common in our Hindi films. There were many films where the hero used to be a womanizer and later there would be change of heart due to the true love found in their lives. Almost every actor right from Rajesh Khanna (Amardeep / Prem Nagar), Amitabh Bachchan (Jurmana), Salman Khan (Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hain), Saif Ali Khan (Yeh Dillagi), Aamir Khan (Mann), Emraan Hashmi (Aksar) and many more have essayed such roles in their career. Sadly, none of these films displayed the process of how these characters ended up being a womanizer and tried justifying by showing most of them as an alcoholic. Though, few filmmakers like Basu Chatterjee (Shaukeen) and Hrishikesh Mukherjee (Sab Se Bada Sukh) faintly tried to touch this taboo subject by presenting it in a humorous way. Still, the thirst for an out and out proper adult comedy remained unquenched. Thus, right from the first promo of 'Hunterrr', the curiosity was at its highest peak among all those who love such type of witty adult comedies. So, let's find out whether 'Hunterrr' will finally give us a full fledged out and out fine adult comedy based on a life of a womanizer or might end up joining the long list of all those adult comedies which were loud or vulgar and were made only to titillate its targeted audience.

Hunterrr Movie ReviewStory:

'Hunterr' is a journey of a sex addict Mandar Ponkshe (Gulshan Devaiah). Right from his adolescent days Mandar is highly attracted towards women and ends up having multiple relationships. His plate used to be full by having Parul (Veera Saxena) a swimmer at one side to Jyotsna (Sai Tamhankar) a housewife on the other. Time flies and Mandar decides to get married in a traditional way and thus meets Trupti (Radhika Apte). Due to the fear of loosing Trupti, Mandar hides his past life from Trupti and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Hunterrr Movie StillScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story is daringly different and will connect with every male, who can relate the character of Mandar to someone they have known in their school or college days. The best part about this movie is that it has been presented in a highly witty and humorous manner due to which its like a non-stop fun ride with back to back enjoyable scenes and happenings in the film. There are some brilliant scenes like Gulshan discussing physical act of sex, Gulshan meeting girls for marriage, Gulshan's childhood experience at village followed by his experience of watching an adult film and the after effects, first girlfriend incident, hostel experience with Veera Saxena, the whole track of Sai Tamhankar, Gulshan trying to woo a girl in a market, Gulshan in supermarket to meet Radhika, Gulshan's airport chat with a stranger, Gulshan's confession and many more such scenes keeps you entertained to the fullest. The dialogues by Harshavardhan Kulkarni and Vijay Maurya are outstanding. It is due to these jocular one liners the movie never crosses the thin line of being vulgar or cheap. The minute detailing in the film is highly appreciable. There is not even a single dull moment in the film, except for it slows down a bit in the second half. Also, the nonlinear pattern of story telling starts to ruin the fun at various places. The Gulshan-Radhika track should have been a bit crispier, just like all other tracks in the film. The camera work by John Jacob Payyapalli is of top notch and has done full justice to the film. Special mention to the outstanding casting of the film, right from the young children, to the adults in the family, everyone in this movie was perfect as per their character.

Music & Direction:

Music by Khamosh Shah is brilliant and the way these songs are placed, add up to the film as an additional screenplay. 'Hunterrr 303' or 'Dil Lagaana' by Bappi Lahiri and Altaf Raja gives you out and out retro feel. 'Chori Chori' is sensuous and goes perfectly as per the mood of the film. 'Naina', 'Bachpan', 'Ye Naa Gade', 'Dil Lagaana' and others sound melodious.

Director Harshavardhan Kulkarni gives us the long due witty adult comedy, based on the life of a sex addict and that too with full detailing attached to it. He makes the film quite relevant and has high levels of connecting factor. Its his good sense of screenplay and direction, that saves an average writing work by his directorial skills in the climax part. Male sexuality has never been presented in such a witty manner. Wished, he would have kept the film in a bit more linear pattern.Performances:

Gulshan Devaiya slips easily into the character of Mandar Ponkshe. He enhances his performance by expressing lust through his body mannerism and dialogue delivery, brilliantly. Not to forget the lecherous expressions over his face. Radhika Apte is highly charming and perfect for her role. The sweetness and simplicity inside her makes you believe the change of heart happening inside Gulshan's character. Sai Tamhankar is enchanting as per her role. She adds the fine sensuousness in the film with her natural expressions. Veera Saxena is sweet and does her part with grace. Neeta Kulkarni, Sagar Deshmukh, Nitish Pandey, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi and others were perfect in their parts. Special mention to all the kids associated with this film Vedant Muchandi (Jr.Mandar), Shalva (Jr.Kshitij), Kshitij Kothari (Jr.Dilip) & Viraj Deshmukh (Jr.Surya), especially to the one who plays the younger version of a Gulshan's character along with his fat friend.

Hunterrr Movie WallpaperFinal Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum??? Well, this movie is a nonstop adult entertainer for all those who have a humorous mind. It's a high level quality stuff, which is very hard to be found in our Hindi cinema and will end up being a game changer in years to come. The family audiences and people with an orthodox mindset should stay miles away from this movie. Also, some might find the movie to be male centric, but nevertheless enjoy this exuberant journey of adulthood with your friends and like minded people.

Ratings : 4.5/5

NH10 Movie Review - Petrifying journey over the rough roads of rural India


The magic of films is such, that we have often seen an actor turning into a producer-director and vice versa in case of many producers or directors exploring their potentiality of becoming a hero. Similarly, many of our popular actresses have ventured into the vast world of film making by producing or directing films,as well. Actresses like Hema Malini, Simi Grewal, Juhi Chawla, Pooja Bhatt, Nandita Das, Lara Dutta, Diya Mirza, Manisha Koirala, Aparna Sen, Revathi and many more managed to explore the different side of film making. Many of them managed to deliver some good films, but the rest of them ended up making films only to glorify themselves or to save their drowning career. The most recent one to join the bandwagon is Anushka Sharma with her film 'NH10'. Going by the promo's of the film, it reminds you of the female oriented revenge drama which were quite popular in the 80's era of our Hindi cinema. Most of these films used to be dacoit or a cop based drama where the heroine seeks revenge from the villain who destroys her happy world. Films like 'Zakhmi Aurat', 'Kanoon Meri Mutthi Mein', 'Sherni', 'Shradhanjali', 'Daku Hasina', 'Kali Ganga' and many such films were made in order to glorify the super stardom of those actresses . So, let's find out whether Anushka Shrama's 'NH10', is made to glorify her acting skills or will end up being one among those films which are made only to capitalize over the popularity of that star.

NH10 Movie ReviewStory:

'NH10' is a story of Meera (Anushka Sharma)and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) living in the professional world of Gurgaon. Arjun decides to take a break from their stressful life and thus plans a romantic holiday to celebrate the Meera's birthday. On the way they witness Satbir (Darshan Kumaar) and his fellow mates abductinga young couple. Arjun decides to help them and in return is hit by Satbir. Arjun gets furious about the whole incident and thus goes after Satbir and his fellow mates and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story has some similarities with British thriller film 'Eden Lake' (2008) and has a basic path process of many typical revenge dramas from the era of the 80's or on the lines of Karishma Kapoor's 'Shakti' (2002). But despite of these basic similarities, it's the treatment and the premise, which sets 'NH10' apart. The first half starts on a low note, but after a while sets on a fast pace nail biting thrilling ride without any bumps or giving you even a moment to blink. Scenes like Neil-Anushka encounter with Darshan, followed by the running away from the clutches of Darshan, Anushka encourages Neil, Anushka's encounter with the cops, Deepti Naval track, Darshan hitting Anushka and few more such scenes will keep you glued to the movie. The settings of the rural India work in the favour of the film. Sadly, the movie runs on a thin story line, thus the middle portions in the second half seemed repetitive, dragging and predictable due to which the intensity of the film gets diluted. Also, the climax seemed very easy and the revenge part should have been as hard hitting as the first half of the film. Cinematography by Arvind Kannabiran is of top notch and works as an additional screenplay in the film.

NH10 Movie StillMusic & Direction:

Music in films like 'NH10' is not that important, but the background music does full justice to the feel and flow of the film.

Director Navdeep Singh's last released film 'Manorama Six Feet Under' was a slow yet powerful crime thriller, which kept growing inside you as the movie progressed. The similar kind of feeling is witnessedhere in the middle portions of the film where you are curiously thrilled over the happenings in the film. There are many scenes which will keep you on the edge of your seat and will disturb you over the gore action and situations in the film. Scenes in the later portions of the film lacks the intensity and loosens the grip as the story turns out to be predictable and repetitive.


Anushka Sharma is outstanding in this film. One can connect with her pain, agony, fear and her helplessness due to her fine performance. Her scream towards the finale will be remembered for a longer period. Neil Bhoopalam lends good support. Darshan Kumaar starts off on a fiery note, but ends up being a victim of a half baked role. Deepti Naval and Ravi Jhankal were fine in their parts.

NH10 Movie WallpaperFinal Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, the movie has a good amount of dum required for such types of hard hitting thrillers. The makers, despite of the thin script, manages to hold your attention due to some superb performances and fine screenplay. It's only that the climax was bland and the intensity of the film gets diluted towards the end. Nevertheless, on an overall basis the movie is like a petrifying journey over the rough roads of rural India.

Ratings: 3.5/5

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