Take It Easy Movie Review : 'Mandatory Watch For All Parents...'

Expectations:Films dealing with the academic pressure on the kids is not something we frequently witness in our Hindi cinema. There were few mild references in films like Gulzar's 'Kitaab', but the full fledge film one can remember is Aamir Khan's 'Taare Zameen Par', where they dealt with these problems but with an upper layer of dyslexia and wrong parenting. Though, these films had popular names associated with them, there were many small films made by CFSI (Children's Film Society, India). These films failed to mark their presence in the popular cinema as they were generally made with a small budget, less known actors and failed to match up the standards of popular films like 'Taare Zameen Par' and others. This year's first released film, 'Take It Easy' also seems like one of those small films with less known names associated with it, but as the saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover'. Thus, let's find out whether 'Take It Easy' will be another weak attempt in the name of children based films or might surprise us with the strong content attached to it.

Take It Easy Movie Review

Story:'Take It Easy' is a story of two kids Ajay (Yash Ghanekar) and Raghu (Prasad Reddy) studying in same class. Raghu tops in sports and academics due to which Ajay's parents (Joy Sengupta & Dipannita Sharma) keep pressuring him and expects Ajay to achieve the number one spot. Raghu's father Azad (Raj Zutshi) on the other hand, wants him to excel even more in sports with total dedication. The kids start competing with each other without realizing the negativity entering inside them and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Take It Easy Movie Still

Screenplay & Technicalities:The story might remind you of films like 'Taare Zameen Par', but despite of the basic similarities 'Take It Easy' has its own individual merits to boost. The story is narrated in a simple manner with the heart at its right place. It might not match up to the international standards of Iranian films or even with films like 'Taare Zameen Par', 'Stanley Ka Dabba', 'Makdee' and a few more at the technical level, but in terms of its content the movie is equivalent to many of these above mentioned films. Right from the cute title song the movie is filled with some good emotional, cute and dramatic moments. Scenes like Yash and Prasad watching each other from their terrace, kids doing mischiefs in school, Joy Sengupta's outburst over Anang Desai, Raj Zutshi beating Prasad, Yash's apology to Prasad, Raj Zutshi verbal tiff with Supriya Karnik, Yash's reaction over 'mother promise', Yash and Prasad racing with each other followed by Vikram Gokhale's speech will keep you glued to the silver screen. The emotional quotient and the expressions by Yash and Prasad are prefect in the film, due to which you will connect well with their respective characters and trauma. Kudos to the writers, for getting the basic nuances in such perfect manner. On the flip side, the movie is a bit let down on the technical level with some very bad C.G.I work used in the Olympic race shot. Also, few scenes involving the school management should have strictly been trimmed down as it dilutes the mood of the film in the middle portions. The Ramayan drama is cute, but fails to go with the flow of the film. Also, the drama presented just before the climax might remind you of Karan Johar's 'Student Of The Year'.Music & Direction:The title track is cute in terms of its visual presentation and rendering. 'Maa Sun Le Zara' is haunting. 'O Kaat' could have been omitted. The end credit song also goes with the mood of the film.Director Sunil Prem Vyas brings up the story of the cruel world shown from the kid's perspective and gets full marks for the emotional quotient presented in the film. The presentation might look a bit tacky, but Sunil keeps the heart and soul of the film intact. He extracts fantastic performances from the kids and gives us some good emotional and dramatic moments in the film. It's only in the middle portion of the film where the movie drags and is indulged with forced dramatic moments related to the school management. These scenes dilute the flow of the film.Performances:It's a delight to watch talented kid's like Yash Ghanekar and Prasad Reddy perform with such an ease in this movie. Their natural acting will make you connect with their emotions and joy. Raj Zutshi and Joy Sengupta are perfect in their parts. Dipannita Sharma looked good and does her part with grace. Anang Desai, Veerendra Saxena and Vikram Gokhale make a strong impact with their small role. Jyoti Gauba, Sulbha Arya, Vijay Kashyap and Brijendra Kale are wasted. Supriya Karnik was loud in her role.

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Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?Dum??? Well, the movie has perfect dum required for such types of film. It's not as great or even near to the brilliance of 'Taare Zameen Par', but has the perfect emotion and drama with its heart in the right place as per the subject of the film. Though, it keeps wavering in the middle portions and is presented in a bit dated manner with no big names associated with the film. Still, it's a mandatory watch for all the parents as the movie displays the emotionally shattering side of the cruel academic word from the kid's perspective.Ratings: 4/5 (Adding an extra half star for the support to such types of small cinema)


Anurag Kashyap revels in portraying Real characters who mouth expletives, kill-like-animals, and the actresses in his movies have to glorify the no-makeup-look to such a degree that they start looking abhorable. UGLY lives up to Kashyap's world view perfectly. As a viewer you are left with disturbing images that continue to bother you long after the movie ends. Yes if you are a pseudo intellectual then you'd start decoding the hidden nuances but for the ticket buying aam janta there's very little that holds attention.

The find of the movie is Girish Kulkarnj who as the inquisitive police inspector asks some really quirky questions about why actors adopt screen names from a struggling film actor (Rahul Bhatt) and his hapless friend (Vineet Singh). Kulkarni's queries about mobile phones is equally engaging and entertaining.

The plot of UGLY revolves around Bhatt's 10 year old girl Kali's disappearance from his car. Kali's mom (Tejaswini Kolhapuri) is lost in her world of alcohol and pills. Her second husband (Ronit Roy) is a tough cop who has a propensity for tapping her mobile phone and he also relishes torturing Bhatt. Ransom calls start doing the rounds with inexplicable participation from various characters in the film. The free flowing usage of expletives and gory torturing starts to bother after a point of time.

Technically the film is brilliant. Nikos Andritsakis' (Dibakar Bannerji's SHANGHAI and LOVE SEX AUR DHOKHA) cinematography is brilliant. It's moody, psychedelic and extremely engaging with a very minimal usage of lights. Soundtrack by GV Prakash and Brian McOmber is outstanding. The usage of Rock music in key sequences is simply fascinating. The song 'Papa' sung by Shilpa Rao will leave you with a lump in the throat and moist eyes.

Rahul Bhatt made a failed presence with the forgettable NAYEE PADOSAN but as a failed actor he has given a riveting performance in UGLY. Tejaswini Kolhapure as the lonely beleaguered wife brings out various shades in her personality leading to an ambiguous conclusion about her persona. The wife, who slept with her husband's friend, or a hapless suicidal woman with absolutely no hopes from life, she excels. Surveen Chawla as the item girl who oscillates between Bhatt and her producer husband brings in spice to the proceedings but she also brings more ambiguity about some of her actions which are never explained. Vineet Singh is excellent as the friend who could be a villain and a victim. Ronit Roy is in great form and his performance reminds you of the raw hardened fiber of UDAAN.

Anurag Kashyap is the quintessential rebel. He has had a disturbed childhood and it shows in the choice of his movie subjects which turn out to be disturbing for the aam janta. The patrons of Hollywood and European cinema are inherently far detached from the harsh poor realities of life. Patrons of Indian cinema go through the grind of hardships every single day. Movies for them is more of an escape and in many cases the only mode of good entertainment. A film like UGLY is not meant for the wide section of Indian audience that patronizes fun, entertaining escapist cinema. When the reality is so ugly for them why would they want to spend money on buying a ticket for UGLY.

On the whole, technically brilliant with some wonderful performances, UGLY strictly caters to a niche audience. Moreover the choice of releasing it during a festive period isn't a great idea either. Watch it if you are an Anurag Kashyap fan, else avoid!

Ugly Movie Review - 'Less Distressing...


If only Anuraag Kashyap's debut film 'Paanch' would have released at its scheduled time, our Hindi cinema would have experienced a very bold and dark film with some fantastic performance attached to it. Though, he did venture back into this dark territory with his film 'No Smoking' followed by 'The Girl In Yellow Boots'. Sadly, none of these films worked at the box office and were penned down by many. Years later 'No Smoking' had its individual fan following and is considered as one of the darkest films by Anuraag Kashyap, which is loved by all those cinema lovers who love dark and trippy type of films. Anuraag kept sharing the shades of mild darkness in his other films too, but in a moderate manner. His 'Gangs Of Wasseypur' was loved by both, classes and masses. Judging by its success, one did not expect Anuraag to come back with a relatively small and dark film 'Ugly'. The movie managed to raise the eyeballs at the time of its first promo, but due to several reasons got delayed and finally, after a long gap manages to see the light of theatrical release. So let's find out whether 'Ugly' will give us an out and out dark thriller as promised by its maker or end up being another pseudo attempt by this creative director satisfying certain sect of cinema lovers only.

Ugly Movie ReviewStory:

'Ugly' is story of struggling actor Rahul Kapoor (Rahul Bhat), whose daughter Kali (Anshikaa Shrivastava) gets kidnapped in the busy streets of Mumbai. Without letting his ex-wife Shalini (Tejaswini Kholhapure) know about the kidnapping, Rahul and his friend Chaitanya (Vineet Singh) seeks the help of the police. Shalini's current husband Shoumik Bose (Ronit Roy) is the officer in charge, who feels Rahul and his friend are the ones who have kidnapped Kali. The blame game keeps continuing and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Ugly Movie WallpaperScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story is one liner, but has plenty of layers and is told with lots of interesting happenings associated with it. The writers find a new way of narrating a thrilling tale and succeeds initially, but as the movie progresses the multiple tracks, start to dilute the flow of the film. Still, scenes like the chase scene, Rahul Bhat lodging a complaint at Girish Kulkarni's police station, Ronit's first interaction with Rahul, Girish interrogating Vineet, Rahul and Vineet's chat in police lock up followed by the powerful climax shot will keep you glued to the silver screen. If only the makers would have known where to stop with the multiple tracks, the impact would have been great. Lot of scenes are over stretched, whereas few tracks demanded more detailing including the change of heart of Rahul Bhat's character towards the finale. One can ignore few other open ended tracks, but Rahul Bhat being the pillar of the film, needed more explanation and justification. It seemed like the writers opened up multiple tracks and suddenly kept shutting down every one of them followed by an impactful ending, which as per them might camouflage the negative points and the loopholes connected to the film. The camera work is just fine, nothing extraordinary. Editing should have been crispier and direct to the point.

Ugly Movie StillDirection:

Director Anuraag Kashyap, narrates an interesting and shocking tale which could have been told in a routine manner, instead, he prefers to narrate it in a nonlinear manner with showing the dark side of all the characters associated with the film. He keeps wandering a bit in some parts of the film and indulges few unwanted tracks, but on an overall basis, sums it up with a dark climax.


Rahul Bhat makes a great comeback and shines out in the emotional scenes. If only his character would have been properly justified in the finale portions the end results would have been more encouraging. Ronit Roy is tough and powerful. He does full justice to his role and adds the much needed coldness in his character. Girish Kulkarni and Vineet Singh have good scenes to display their talent. Tejaswini Kolhapure was fine in her part. Siddhant Kapoor and Surveen Chawla are under used. Anshika does her part with grace. Alia Bhatt in a blink and miss appearance looked cute.

Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, all the Anuraag Kashyap die hard fans along with the ones who love dark and good cinema will definitely love the uglier side of human drama. The darkness, curiosity and performances will keep you engaged throughout the film leading to a hard hitting climax. The ones expecting a lot from their cinematic god (Anuraag Kashyap), might end up getting a bit disappointed as they might hardly find anything new or powerful to cherish their worshipping. The popular cinema lovers would prefer to stay miles away from this type of cinema. The brand name of Anuraag Kashyap is much bigger than the small product like 'Ugly', due to which it ends up being less distressing in terms of a dark thriller.

Ratings : 3/5

PK Movie Review - 'Get Intoxicated With Goodness...'


Right from the inception of the talkies in our county, Hindi cinema has been segregated as per the era's, starting with the social messages and mythological era of the 40s followed by the musical era of the 60s, the dramatic era of the 70's, action era of the 80s followed by the romantic era of the 90s. These era's were termed as per the genres in which the maximum films were made. Despite of having multiple names these films had one thing in common and that was, they all represented popular Hindi cinema. But, with the entry of the millennium era, we witnessed multiple genres and the popular Hindi cinema started to take a back seat. In times to come, these years might be referred to as the remake's era as the entertainers were mostly restricted to remakes or multi-starrer projects lacking over the conviction factor and most importantly, mass entertainment. Thankfully, there are few filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani who still believe in giving us popular entertainers which caters to both, classes and masses. His movies are not just plain entertainers made to woo it's targeted audience as they have been extremely high in terms of its content and proved that popular entertainers also can be made with good message attached to it. The man who believes in quality and not quantity takes long time in making a film and thus after a half decade, he comes back with his latest offering 'PK'. There's lots of curiosity and expectations riding on 'PK', especially after the master director's record breaking last release, '3 Idiots'. Thus, let's find out whether 'PK' will be another great cinematic experience for good cinema lovers or might find hard to overpass the mammoth test of high expectations and comparisons.

PK Movie Review


(In order to avoid the spoilers and not ruin your cinematic viewing experience, would not reveal anything related to Aamir Khan's character from the film).

'PK' is the story of a young T.V reporter Jagat Janani alias Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), who is in search of a good story for her channel. Jaggu meets a strange looking person who is popularly known as PK (Aamir Khan). PK is in search for God and his quest seems perfect ingredient for Jaggu's T.V story. While in accomplishing PK's quest, Jaggu start to know everything about PK and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

PK Movie Still

Screenplay & Technicalities:The story idea is interestingly amusing and will keep you engaged throughout the film. There's lots of curiosity related to Aamir Khan's character in this film and as soon as the film starts your answers are revealed.The writers (Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani) do not waste your time in dragging the curiosity level and right from the first scene of the film keeps going on their set track. The first half of the film is totally engaging and entertaining with Anushkha- Sushant first meet followed by introduction of Saurabh Shukla, Aamir Khan using stickers in temple, Aamir sharing his story to Anushka in jail, Aamir talking about clothes and money, Aamir-Sanjay track, Aamir buying god stature followed by his first time visits to temple-church-mosque, Aamir's plea to god over the religions, Aamir asking Boman about condom, Aamir questioning Saurabh Shukla over wrong number to god, Aamir's example to Parikshit Sahani, Anushka talking about her father, Aamir's battery dance, Aamir-Saurabh's face off and many more scenes in the finale portion. Yes, there is strong reminderance of Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal's 'OMG - Oh My God!' in the second half of the film due to which the whole uniqness is diluted. 'OMG' dealt with this topic in a very debatable manner, while out here it was treated in an emotional manner and should have been bit more impactful and less preachy. Nevertheless, the movie is very high on the Rajkumar Hirani quotient and has lots of comical, lovable and emotional scenes which will give you a great cinematic viewing experience. The camera work is good and goes well with the flow of the film.

PK Movie Wallpaper

Music & Direction:Music has been an integral part of the Rajkumar Hirani's films, as the songs are placed as the part of the screenplay of the film. In 'PK' also the songs are brilliantly placed enhancing the flow of the film. 'Chaar kadam' is sweet and romantic, 'Tharki chokro' is entertaining and 'Love Is waste of time' is overwhelming. 'Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu' is outstanding in terms of its lyrics, music, direction and expressions of Aamir Khan. 'Nanga punga' is wasted in the end credits and should have been shown in the film. 'PK dance theme' is foot tapping.Director Rajkumar Hirani comes up again with a non conventional subject and presents it in a total entertaining manner just like all of his earlier films. His way of presenting the whole story is highly engaging and will be loved by good cinema lovers. The only problem is the high expectations and comparison with his last work '3 Idiots', in front of which the movie is a bit let down. If only, the similarities with 'OMG' wouldn't have been there the movie would have been another masterpiece. Keeping aside these minor issues the movie is a perfect treat for good cinema lovers and will satisfy your quench only after repetitive viewing. Only an ace director like Rajkumar Hirani can pull up a tale like 'PK'.Performances:Aamir Khan is simply outstanding in this movie. He raises the bar of acting with almost every film of his and in 'PK', he is at par with Rajkumar Hirani for being the best reason to watch this movie. Aamir's smile, cute expressions, body mannerisms and every minute detailing enhances his character and works in favor of the film. You will connect to sadness and joy due to his flawless performance in every scene of the film. Anuskha Sharma has a great role and does full justice to it. This is till date her finest performance. Sushant Singh Rajput looks cute in his part. Saurabh Shukla was good, but should have been more better. Sanjay Dutt is enjoyable and one does wish to see more of him in such types of films. Boman Irani and Parikshit Sahani do their part with grace. Cameo by Ranbir Kapoor is welcomed.Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?Dum? Well, this movie has all the creative dum required for a good film and will add up in the list of elite films from our Hindi cinema. The minor comparisons and expectations might dilute the viewing experience as well as the financial output of the film on a small basis. Nevertheless, it's a must watch for all Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and good cinema lovers as due to them you will surely get intoxicated with the goodness of popular Hindi cinema.Ratings : 4.5/5


It has become a trend of sorts now that the year ends with a major release by none other than Aamir Khan in the month of December. After the release of DHOOM 3, as we gear up for the Christmas holidays, Aamir Khan brings his new film PK.

Said to be a comedy-drama, the makers of the film have managed to keep the story tightly under wraps, despite the film's heavy promotions. As already reported in the media, Aamir Khan plays the role of an alien, something that is relatively new in Bollywood. Add to that, director Rajkumar Hirani wielding the megaphone after three back-to-back hits, PK has managed to generate tremendous hype prior to its release. However, does the film manage to live up to the expectations, will the past success (3 Idiots) of the Aamir Khan - Rajkumar Hirani combination work its charm in enticing the audiences to the theatres, will PK be a Christmas gift to cherish for the film loving audiences? Lets analyze.

The film starts off with PK (Aamir Khan), an alien, landing on earth, in the desert of Rajasthan, to study about human begins and life on earth. Arriving stark naked on a earth, PK has a rough start on the planet when his tracking remote, that helps him send signals back to his spaceship, gets stolen. He now has to find the remote to contact his spaceship and till then survive on earth on his own. Unaware of human mannerisms, language or life in general on earth, PK finds it difficult to adjust. However, fate brings him in touch with Bhairav Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who becomes his dear friend and helps him with life on earth. But destiny takes PK to Delhi. From here on starts a whirlwind story of a stranger in the unknown city of Delhi asking questions that despite their innocence hold a valuable and deep meaning. Aided on by Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma) who teams up with him on this journey, PK challenges some of the oldest rituals of religion that are ruling life of people on earth.

As for the performances, Aamir Khan excels in the title role. This is probably one of the most challenging characters that he has played so far and with his stellar performance, Aamir Khan carries the film all the way. His childlike innocence, his Bhojpuri accent and his love for 'paan' only adds layers to the character of PK. Anushka Sharma, who has in her previous releases earned quite a bit of critical acclaim, does a good job as Jagat "Jaggu" Janani. She stands shoulder to shoulder with Aamir through the entire film. Sushant Singh Rajput is impressive in an extended cameo. Saurabh Shukla, though good, seems to be underutilized along with Boman Irani who too could have been given a meatier part. Sanjay Dutt, on the other hand, manages to carry off his role as a Rajasthani man with panache.

Music of PK is composed by Shantanu Moitra, Ajay-Atul and Ankit Tiwari and the lyrics are penned by Swanand Kirkire, Amitabh Varma and Manoj Muntashir. Songs like 'Nanga Punga Dost', 'Tharki Chokro' and 'Love Is Waste Of Time' have already gained popularity and they take the story forward in the film. 'Chaar Kadam' featuring Sushant Singh Rajput and Anushka Sharma is a soft number that sets the mood for romance just right.

Rajkumar Hirani, known for his films like 3 Idiots and the Munnabhai series tries to live up to his reputation of telling an engaging tale with a message. Though the storytelling is seamless, PK does seem to lack the punch that his earlier films had. Though the screenplay (Abhijat Joshi and Rajkumar Hirani) of the film is comprehensive and engrossing, with humorous situations and entertaining dialogues, the narrative does get slow at certain points. PK however hits the right notes and entertains.

Overall, PK that releases during the Christmas holidays enjoys a three week free run at the box office. Despite the film having its share of ups and downs, it is surely a good entertainer. Being a film that deals with the topic of God and Godmen, audiences are bound to draw a few similarities between PK and the previously released Akshay Kumar-Paresh Rawal starrer OMG OH MY GOD! But while latter dealt with a lay man asking some prominent questions about God and the almighty himself coming down to earth, PK differs with an alien not directly questioning God, but instead questioning the belief system that humans have created to reach God. But with high level of anticipation and a massive release (approximately 5000 screens domestically and 800+ screens overseas), PK is sure to create new box-office records.

On the whole, Aamir Khan's PK is a solid entertainer that will surely entertain the masses and classes alike. An outstanding film. Go for it.

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