Main Aur Mr Riight

Although some of us may admit while many wouldn't, but the fact remains that we all love watching love stories. And for all the unmarried (and few married ones as well) people out there, at some point, we tend to assume that there is 'someone somewhere who is made for you'. This week's release MAIN AUR MR. RIIGHT also treads on similar territory. Does this film which promises to be about slice of life and which talks about love, relationships and singlehood, really live upto being the 'right' film this week? Let's analyze.

MAIN AUR MR. RIIGHT is a film which essentially belongs to Aliya Raj (Shenaz Treasuryvala), who is self confessedly synonymous with style, class and perfection (all in bold capital letters), including the sandwich that she makes. Her world revolves around her profession (she is a casting director for films) and her bunch of friends, who sometimes find her as a case of 'mental imbalance' because she is single and unmarried! The USP of her group is that, except for her everyone else is a couple. The reason why Aliya is single is only because she hasn't found her 'Mr. Right' so far, because there is hardly anyone who fits her bill (read 'terms and conditions') of being 'Mr. Right'. Being the single one in the group and unable to take the constant nagging from her friends, she decides to 'create' her Mr. Right by engaging a wannabe actor cum struggler cum a hardcore Salman Khan fan Sukhi (Barun Sobti) by telling him to play her boyfriend, for which he will be paid handsomely. The lure of money and the 'opportunity' to play a role makes Sukhi accept the offer. Then begins the transformation of the struggler Sukhi into the suave foreign based Hridaan Dalmiya, who is 'Mr. Right' by all means, courtesy Aliya's intensive grooming. And when she flaunts Hridaan at a friend's wedding, needless to say that he becomes the apple of the eye of every girl and the object of envy of every guy in the group. As time passes, Sukhi aka Hridaan teaches the group many a thing about being honest and truthful to each other, which creates many revelations in the close knit group, which makes him even more dearer to everyone in the group. At the same time, knowingly or unknowingly, Sukhi actually starts falling in love with Aliya. Everything goes on perfectly as per Aliya's foolproof plan... till the time a hotel waiter recognizes Sukhi in front of the whole group.

Does Sukhi spill the beans about Aliya's plan of 'Hridaan' in front of her friend circle, or does Aliya confess the real reason to her friends about her plan to create a fictitious Mr. Right, and does the high headed Aliya reciprocate the struggler Sukhi's feelings for her, is what forms the rest of the film.

The 'short video' titled KUCH SPICE TO MAKE IT MEETHA notwithstanding, MAIN AUR MR. RIIGHT technically becomes the debut film of director Adeeb Rais. He however has a long way go to become an impressive filmmaker. While the first half of the film is still bearable (mostly because of the establishment of the characters), the second half of the film is unwontedly stretched and seems to be going nowhere. The direction is amateurish with poor shot taking, bad performances and cliched story telling. Overall, the film has no story or script to boost of and poor direction makes it ever worse.

As far as the performances of the film are concerned, it is the debutante actor Barun Sobti's film, right from the word go. He is definitely a name, face and a bundle of talent to watch out for in the time to come. His ability to handle the call of the situations is really worth appreciating. He is probably the only saving grace of the film. On the other hand, Shenaz Treasuryvala seems to have got stuck up in the Barbie doll mode, yet she tries to be different than her earlier films. Her poorly written character makes her job tougher. As far as the other actors are concerned, Danny Saru, Kavi Shastri, Maia Sethna, Neha Gosain, Anagha Mane and Varun Khandelwal all need a crash course in acting.

The film's music (Dj Akhil Talreja, Shibani Kashyap, Astitva Band, Ravi Shukla, Dony Hazarika and Sunil Singh) is hardly anything to write about. Except for the yesteryear's hit track ('Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re') which has been incorporated in the film, there is hardly any song which lives afresh in memory at the end of the film. The film's editing (Anupama Chabukswar) is poor, while cinematography (Pathan Parvez Khan) is shoddy. The screenplay (Adeeb Rais, Aseem Rais) is something that only the writers could probably explain.

On the whole, MAIN AUR MR. RIIGHT can be avoided without any regrets.

Main Aur Mr.Right Movie Reviews - 'Mr & Miss Boredom'


There have been many Hindi films where a hero is hired by the rich heroine to play her lover or husband in order to fool or convince some family members. Films like 'Manchali', 'Agreement', 'Ghar Ho Toh Aisa' and a few more are perfect examples of such type of films. The recent released 'Main Aur Mr.Right' film's promo has a striking resemblance to the above mentioned films but, in a contemporary manner. So let's find out, whether 'Main Aur Mr.Right' will be another typical contract based relation type of film or might surprise us with something fresh, unique and original.


'Main Aur Mr.Right' is story of a casting coordinator Alia (Shenaz Treasurywala) who is looking for her perfect life partner. Her best friends feel that she will never find one and thus, in order to prove them wrong Alia hires a wannabe actor Sukhwinder (Barun Sobti) to act as her perfect boyfriend. Will Alia and Sukhwinder pull this act or might get exposed in front of their friends is what the entire film is all about.

Main Aur Mr.Right Movie ReviewsScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story has high references with films like "Manchali', 'Agreement, or even films like 'Manpasand', which were inspired by 'My Fair Lady'. The screenplay is weak and super lethargic. The film starts with random auditions of struggling actors and such scenes keep hopping frequently. The movie instead of being a story between Shenaz and Barun, keeps narrating the unwanted tales of their friends, which seemed totally forced and out of the track. There are so many long never ending discussion types of scenes where all the friends keep talking on and on until they bore you to the fullest. One might enjoy the random dates of Shenaz or Barun's stupid antics, but besides these few entertaining moments, there's absolutely no fun in this predictable and boring film. The climax and end credits are like the final nail in the coffin trying to test your patience. The unwanted scenes and tracks dilute the film to its fullest. The camera work is average and unwanted shots of cleavages are portrayed in a shoddy manner. Editing is very lame and looks like the makers must have shot the film with keeping the camera on and thus the scenes bores you to its best.

Music & Direction:

The music should have been much better and placed properly in the film. There is a song sung and composed by Bappi Lahiri from the film 'Saheb' (Yaar Bina Chain Kaha Re), which will put the original song in a shame, due to his super hamming style of singing.

Director Adeeb Rais brings up a film just like the old wine in a new bottle, where the story if focused only on its lead characters would still have the opportunity of ending up as a decent romantic comedy. Sadly, the overacting by the supporting actors, weak screenplay and even weaker direction makes this movie quite tough to watch. The movie seemed like a television serial where the scenes are super dragged and stretched to its fullest.


Barun Sobti looks cool and does his part with total grace. If this actor is offered a better film, he will do full wonders in it. Sadly, out here due to his weak characterization, he ends up delivering a medium level of performance. Shenaz Treasurywala looked super cute and charming, wished we could have said the same for her character. She slips easily in her character, but due to half baked script, fails to do proper justice to it. Kavi Shastri, Danny Sura and others are wasted. Cameo by Eijaz Khan, Makrand Deshpande and others were fun to watch.

Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well on the story level this movie has a decent story line, but in terms of execution the movie fails to its fullest. This movie has lots of unwanted tracks along with some terrible scenes, due to which the Mr and Miss perfect ends up being Mr & Miss boredom, as that's what the entire film is all about.

Ratings : 1/5

Badlapur Boys

As we know, 'Kabaddi' is an old Indian sport and has since gained popularity in the International sports arena as the only game that requires a strong combination of 'knowledge', 'concentration', 'strength', 'stamina', and 'combat skills'. Although, this sport has its roots in our country, there was little respite in the form of the recently concluded Pro Kabaddi League. This film is an attempt to revive the spirit of the game and rekindle the passion of the game in the hearts and minds of the people of India.

BADLAPUR BOYS is set in a village named Badlapur (in Uttar Pradesh). One of the villagers named Rampravesh Pasi (Vineeth Sharma), who is so sincere and dedicated in his efforts to build an irrigation system in his village, that he threatens self immolation before the concerned officer, if the demands are not met. Because these pleas fall on deaf ears, as per his word, Pasi immolates himself in front of the whole village, who act as mere spectators. Because of his dramatic death, he gets termed as a 'mad person', which then echoes on his family. Pasi's son Vijay (Nishan), in order to support his lonely mother (Kishori Shahane) starts working as a domestic help to Ayodhya (Aman Varma). Vijay, who is extremely passionate about Kabaddi ever since his childhood, starts playing truant at work because of the game, which makes Ayodhya angry and takes a promise from him to leave the game forever. But his passion for the game doesn't die, and he remains being an extra player in his village team and watches his friends play while he practices in solitude. During one such 'practice session' a renowned kabaddi coach Surajbhan Singh (Annu Kapoor) spots his talent and encourages him in the same. Because of the local team player's egos, Vijay never finds a place in the team, despite being talented. The 'USP' of this team remains that they have lost almost every kabaddi match which they have played. One day, they decide to take part in the state level kabaddi championship (75th Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Tournament), because they feel if they win 'by fluke' they will be able to gain the respect of all the villagers, who otherwise have always treated them like mere laughing stocks. On the D-day, one of the players doesn't turn up for the tournament; this paves way for Vijay to take part in the same, but not before Ayodhya freeing him from the oath. On D-day, coach Surajbhan Singh who christens their team as 'Badlapur Boys', reasons that they can't play at this level because of the norms and regulations and also because of their inexperience playing the handicap. Despite all these 'rules and regulations' an opportunity comes when the 'Badlapur Boys' become eligible to play the game at the state level, but that requires tweaking of the rules and bending the regulations of the game.

Do the 'Badlapur Boys' get to play at the state level, does the federation tweak the rules so as to accommodate the 'Badlapur Boys' team, does Vijay become successful in erasing his father's 'mad-image'and does the village get its much needed irrigation system is what which forms the rest of the film.

BADLAPUR BOYS is the directorial debut of Shailesh Verma, whose efforts look sincere in highlighting the game of kabaddi on a national level. But his inexperience as a director starts showing in the film every now and then. The film has its share of 'less of ups and more of downs' right from the word go. Varma, in an attempt to tell too many things within the stipulated time frame, loses the plot in the bargain. Despite having two heroines in the film, he fails to do justice to even one.

As far as the performances are concerned, the film's hero Nishan, whose acting is strictly average (a few scenes notwithstanding), needs an immediate crash course in dancing. Even though the film has two heroines in the form of Sharanya Mohan and Puja Gupta, the sad part is that you just do not remember them and their screen presence by the end of the film. The heroines are reduced to mere props in the film. Annu Kapoor, who was last seen in a commendable role in THE SHAUKEENS, tries to do a SRK of CHAK DE! INDIA in this film, but the sad part is that he fails in his attempt. There are only a few scenes which does justice to the persona of his character. Kishori Shahane tries too hard to justify the nuances of her character. Even though she succeeds in parts, her makeup is a big letdown (especially her gray hair). Aman Varma is reasonably good, even though he doesn't have too much of a role. The rest of the characters help in moving the film forward.

The music (Shamir Tandon and Sachin Gupta) of the film is nothing to write about except that it sounds totally outdated like the lyrics of the songs. The same applies to the choreography (Saroj Khan) as well. On the technical front, the DoP too does a very average job.

On the whole, BADLAPUR BOYS is an average film which can be avoided.

Action Jackson Movie Review - Go beat it, just beat it

Expectations:There was a time in the early 50's era, when directors in our Hindi film industry used to be mostly from the West Bengal, but with passing time and the introduction of the family drama type of films the South Indian directors started to dominate the film industry. Remaking South Indian films in Hindi have been the easiest and the best formula for the producers to make a successful film. The trend gained its momentum in the 80s and 90s by churning out back to back films with actors like Jeetendra, Anil Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty and many more actors. With the rise of multiplex era, these filmmakers had to take a back seat until the arrival of action entertainers like 'Ghajini' and 'Wanted', which were loved by both classes and the masses. They brought back the macho heroism in out Hindi cinema and that too, with total conviction and full of entertainment. After these films, many other filmmakers tried to make similar type of films, but none of them could surpass the conviction level attached to these especially of 'Wanted' which was directed by Prabhudeva. Though, his next directorial film 'Rowdy Rathore' came closer to the earlier films in terms of conviction level and entertainment factor. Sadly, the midas touch of this new box office hit director started to fade out with his next two films and thus the expectation level is at its lowest level for his next directorial film 'Action Jackson'. So let's find out whether 'Action Jackson' will end up being another weak product from this so called successful film maker or might actually be a surprise in disguise, due to the lower expectations and huge set up attached to it.

Action Jackson Movie Review

Story:'Action Jackson' is the story of Rishi (Ajay Devgan) who keeps doing small time crimes and ends up falling in love with Khushi (Sonakshi Sinha), who feels if she watches Rishi without pants her luck will change instantly. Little does she know that Rishi is being hunted by an international criminal Xaviers (Anandaraj) and his lusty sister Marina (Manasvi Mamgai). How does Rishi deal with this brother and sister is what the entire film is all about.Screenplay & Technicalities:The story is highly inspired from Prabhudeva's own film 'Rowdy Rathore', which itself is a remake of a South Indian film and has shades of Jeetendra's 'Mawaali'. Also, one will find many similarities with ShahRukh Khan starrer film 'Chaahat' and Rajnikant starrer film 'Padayappa' in the Anandaraj-Manasvi-Ajay Devgan track. The screenplay in this film was totally invisible as the movie works only on the sequences. You might get engaged in the film at a couple of points like the interval part or a couple of comical portions in the second half of the film. But, besides these one or two scenes there's not even a single scene in this film which is worth mentioning. The movie is full of trash and over the top type of scenes which keeps deteriorating ever more as the movie keeps progressing. The comedy is lame and artificial, where Sev Puri flies in mid air and ends up in the mouth of an ongoing biker, Ajay Devgan's fight with goons as per the mood and flow of music in the pub, pen getting stuck in Kunaal Roy Kapoor's head or Sonakshi Sinha catching up Ajay Devgan without pants to get laid (oh sorry its lucky, but eventually it ends up going up there only). The first half hits you with Sonakshi Sinha's awful expressions after watching Ajay Devgan's naked lower part along with Kunaal Roy Kapoor's terrible comic acts followed by an overdose of skin show by Manasvi, who for strange reasons keeps talking in such a way like she is having multiple orgasams and at times does sound like female rapist Ranjeet. Then there is Yami Gautam who seems like female Iron Man as despite of getting beaten up in almost every scene of hers, get back on her toes in the next scene. There is absolutely no logic nor conviction factor in this film and is a dummy's guide to make a trashy Bollywood film. The camera work is even worse as the special effects used in this film are worse than the low quality chroma graphics of many so called news channels.

Action Jackson Movie Still

Music & Direction:As a music director Himesh Reshammiya does his part by giving foot tapping songs like 'Gangster Baby' and 'Dhoom Dhaam'. Songs like 'Keeda' and 'Punjabi Mast' are unintentionally funny. Though, all the songs are badly shot and horribly placed in the film without any head and toe attached to it. 'Chichora Piya' is apt for its title. The background music has lots of English words associated with it and is super loud. Imagine the makers add a background music with mention of Bangkok word whenever any actor arrives in that country and there is also a weak version of 'Rabta' style of action scene which has an English song playing in it and shot over Ajay Devgan.Director Prabhudeva claims this movie to be an original film, which despites of his tall claims is a mash up of many seen films. Once director Manoj Kumar got highly inspired from his earlier film 'Roti Kapda Aur Makaan' and later made a cult, trash known as 'Clerk', similarly Prabhudeva must have got highly inspired from his earlier film 'Rowdy Rathore' and ended up making 'Action Jackson', which will be another cult trash in the near future. In front of 'Action Jackson' Prabhudeva's last film 'R Rajkumar' seems like a masterpiece.

Action Jackson Movie Wallpaper

Performances:Ajay Devgan looks terrific in the film and does his action scenes with total grace. Sadly, he looks equally bad in the dancing scenes. It's sad that the man who gave us some great comedies, fails to crack a smile. Sonakshi Sinha was probably the best of all in the film, as we have seen her acting even worse in such types of films. Manasvi looks super hot but does lots of unwanted skin show and keeps flaunting her hot body in orgasmic manner which might be perfect audition to get directly into Bhatt types of erotic and horror films. Kunaal Roy Kapoor gives his worst performance. Yami Gautam is perfect example of the song 'Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam'. Puru Rajkumar rises up from the grave and will go back to the same after this movie. Anandaraj and his dozens of goons looked ugly. Shahid Kapoor's cameo in the song goes wasted. Prabhudeva's dance in the end credits is probably the best thing to happen to this worst film.Final Verdict: So bol meri FILMI KHOPDI iss film mein kitna hain Dum?Dum? Well, it's a proper dum ghutne (suffocate) wali film, which should be part of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan' and needs to be sent to its worthy place which is a dustbin. It's high time our film makers should find their existence and remember that we are from that country which is known for making good song and dance type of entertainers and not a mindless project type of films. The action is repetitive and the Jackson part seems like spoofing the legendary dancer Michael Jackson, who if, was alive today would have surely told every fan of his after watching 'Action Jackson' to go beat it, just beat it everyone associated with it.Ratings : 0.5/5

Zed Plus Movie Review - Finally, An Original Political Satire...


Cricket, movies or politics are few among the most favorite discussed topics of an average common Indian man. Despite of that when it comes to making films on these most loved topics, we have very few good films to boost in the above mentioned genres. If we look at the Hollywood films, they have a long list of great films featuring their favorite sport, films and politics. We have seen some of the finest political satires out there, but sadly when we come back to our country, there are very few good films to count under this genre. Films like 'Parakh', 'Kissa Kursi Ka', 'Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho', 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro', 'Peepli Live', 'Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami' and few more dealt with the issues of the common man but with a good dash of humour and entertainment. Sadly, there have been an end number of attempts to recreate the magic of films like 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron' and none of them have succeeded. There are so many weaker to terrible films made under this genre and thus, the expectation levels have been super low whenever any film under this genre has released. One of this week's released film 'Zed Plus' is also a political satire made by Dr.Chandraprakash Dwivedi, who gave us a hard hitting television serial 'Chanakya' and a national award winning film 'Pinjar'. Thus, let's find out whether he will manage to give us a much needed good political satire indulged with humour in it or might end up delivering another half baked product with a good concept but, presented in a weak and bland manner.

Zed Plus Movie ReviewStory:

'Zed Plus' is the story of Aslam (Adil Hussain), who is a tyre-puncher repairer living in Fatehpur a small town in heart of Rajhasthan. He also happens to be one among the many care takers of a Dargah and on his day of service, India's Prime Minister (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) visits Durgah. The prime minister is pleased with the offerings of Aslam and offers assistance to Aslam and his problems. After the meeting, due to some confusion Aslam is granted a high level Zed security which stays with him all the time. How does Aslam deal with this new trouble in his life is what the entire film is all about.

Zed Plus ReviewScreenplay & Technicalities:

The story is fresh and presented in a humorous manner. The first half of the film is total enjoyable with lots of comical and good scenes like Mukesh Tiwari -Adil Hussain's daily tiffs, Kulbhushan Kharbanda's visit to the Dargah followed by K.K Raina explaining the security measures to Adil Hussain, Security following Adil everywhere, Ravi Jankal convincing Adil for politics and few more.These scenes are narrated in quite a simple and realistic manner just on the lines of television series like 'Malgudi Days' or some Shyam Benegal type of comical films like 'Hari Bhari', 'Welcome To Sajjanpur' or 'Well Done Abba'. Though, the makers take their sweet time to establish the basic plot line of the film and drags at many point especially in the last hour of the film. The dramatic scenes between Mona Singh and Adil Hussain bores you to the fullest. The whole sweetness and simplicity goes missing as the movie takes the political angle in the finale portions. The makers should have kept the film direct to the point and continued the entertaining moments throughout the film. The movie is super long and needs to be trimmed for its benefit.

Music & Direction:

Music is not up to the mark and the songs dilutes the flow of the film.

Dr.Chandraprakash Dwivedi returns to direction after a huge gap and one can never forget his brilliant work on television in form of 'Chanakya' or in his award winning film 'Pinjar'. Thus, watching a small budget political satire from him is totally unexpected. He comes up with something original and engaging under the genre of political satire. He starts on a flying note with power-packed moments, but later on somewhere down the line runs out of his creativity and thus the movie ends up as an above average product with lots of good stuff attached to it. The length and creativity in the later part of the film damages the film and it's great concept.

Zed Plus Movie StoryPerformances:

Adil Hussain gives yet another fantastic performance on the lines of his award winning film 'Lessons In Forgetting' and slips easily under its character. Kulbhushan Kharbanda, K.K.Raina, Mukesh Tiwari, Rahul Singh, Ravi Jhankal and Ekavali Khanna are great in their parts. These actors add their expertise and shines out in the film. Mona Singh is fine, but ends up on the bland note in the dramatic scenes. Sanjay Mishra is wasted.

Final Verdict: So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, this movie has good dum for all those who love to watch well made films with some different concept attached to it. The movie is engaging for sure with lots of good and witty writing associated with it in the first half of the film. Later on, the ideas dry out and movie goes on a stagnant note ending up as an above average product, which had full potential to become a great film. Still, keeping aside the negative part, this movie deserves to be seen by all those who love good political satire and simple films and will be glad that finally an original political satire is made in our Hindi films which is not a weak inspiration of 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron'.

Ratings: 3/5

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