Katiyabaaz Movie Review : "Oh Darling! Yeh Hai 'ASLI' India"


In a country obsessed with cinema, it's sad that there is no mass importance to documentary films, which could be termed as a distant cousin of popular cinema. Though, documentary film making started way back in 1899 H.S Bhatavdekar filmed a wrestling match in the Hanging Gardens of Bombay, which could be termed as the first documentary of Indian cinema. Initially, the proper existence of documentary film making was not there in our country, but later filmmakers like Satyajit Ray, Rithwik Ghatak, Mani Kaul, Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, Gulzar, Kumar Shahani and many more enhanced the making of documentary and took it to an elite level. Sadly, there was no market for such films in our country and thus were screened in popular film festivals and on the national television only. But, after the rise of globalization this genre started witnessing more aggressive film makers like Anand Patwardhan, Rakesh Sharma, Rajesh S Jala and many more who matched the level of Indian documentaries with the level of international level. This inspired more film makers and finally few of them started getting released on the big screen, out of which superb documentary films like 'Superman Of Malegaon', 'Celluloid Man', 'Gulabi Gang', 'Fire In The Blood' and few more manage to create its audience. Last year in MAMI film festival 'Katiyabaaz' won the best documentary film award and since then there was huge curiosity attached to this documentary film dealing about the electricity issues based in a small city of India - Kanpur. So let's find out, whether 'Katiyabaaz' will match up to the expectation level and the curiosity attached to it or might end up being among those documentary films with great concepts, but bad execution.

Katiyabaaz Movie Review


'Katiyabaaz' portrays the real tale of the electricity problem in the small city of India - Kanpur. As the government officials are not able to supply proper electricity to the city, people start opting out for illegal connections with the help of Loha Singh, who smartly steals the electricity and supplies them to the people in need for a small sum of money. The electricity department head Ritu Maheshwari decides to stop these illegal connections and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The writers start the documentary with proper detailing and the problems of the Kanpur city and showcases the theft of electricity in total realistic manner. This leads to the involvement of government officials and their activities to stop the whole racket, followed by the intrusion of political leaders. The narrative part is brilliant and almost every happening has been properly explained and presented with total detailing attached to it. Some portions like how does Loha Singh manage his work, the government officials investigating the theft, Loha Singh bashes the electricity company (KESKO) and local politicians followed by his encounter with live wires, locals coping with darkness and the problems related to electricity, mobs firing the government officials, Ritu Maheshwari's take on the system and many more adds the required depth to this beautifully made documentary. Wished the makers would have showed some more detailing in the working of Loha Singh, as at times his track seemed like a side track to the happenings in the Kanpur city. Also, the makers tried their level best not to take sides of anyone due to which the whole purpose of the this documentary dilutes. The shots of Kanpur city are brilliantly used. Loved the camera work and its shot taking, especially the parts without electricity.

Katiyabaaz Movie Still

Music & Direction:

Music by Rahul Ram and the team of the Indian Ocean is good and reminds you of the popular track 'Des Mera Rangrez Babu' from 'Pepli Live'.

Director Deepti Kakkar and Farhad Mustafa brings up the burning issue of the rural and semi urban parts of our country. The people living in the metro cities and foreign countries might find themselves alienated to this subject, but that's the beauty of this film. One can see their immense hard work and detailing associated with this documentary film. They tried their best not to take any side to the main protagonists of the film (Loha Singh and Ritu Maheshwari). The whole styling and the language attached to the documentary film is wacky and rural, which works totally in the favour of the film. Though the ending should have been more impactful and hard hitting.


Every character in this documentary film is real. Loha Singh is the main protagonist and thus will connect instantly with the masses. His style and experiences are interesting and the main features of this documentary film. His simplicity will be loved and appreciated by the film viewers. Though, Loha was shown as the mass guy, one might end up connecting a lot to the efforts of the government official Ritu Maheshwari, who as per me was the real fighter fighting against the illegal connections, government bodies and power hungry politicians. The KESCO unit members and the local politician Irfan Solanki lend good support. Politics lovers will love to see our ex-prime minister Manmohan Singh giving speech to the locals of Kanpur along with other political leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati.

Katiyabaaz Movie Wallpaper

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss documentary film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, it's an interesting and informative documentary film dealing with the problems of rural and semi urban cities of India. Once you start watching it you won't be able to miss even a single moment as its so indulging. 'Katiyabaaz' might not be as hard hitting or haunting as the recent documentaries we had seen, but is definitely among one of the best documentaries made for our country. The documentary film lovers will love this unseen part of our country and will remember the lines of the Shahrukh Khan starrer film "Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India", or let's say "Oh Darling! Yeh Hai 'ASLI' India"

Ratings : 3.75/5

Singham Returns Movie Review - Circus Lion...


Almost half a decade back Aamir Khan & Salman Khan initiated the big budget action genre back in our Hindi cinema with their films like 'Ghajini' & 'Wanted'. This action led to a chain reaction, where almost all big actors started venturing into this genre with their style and associate directors. One of them was Ajay Devgn with his blue eyed director Rohit Shetty, who together gave us another great big budget action film 'Singham'. All of these films were a remake of some super hit south Indian film except for Salman Khan's 'Dabangg', which extended its popularity by making a sequel to it in the form of 'Dabangg 2'. Though, the magic of the first part was highly missing and viewers were fooled into watching a sequel, which could be rightly spelled as mere extension or a rehash of the earlier part. Now following the fad Ajay Devgn & Rohit Shetty returns back with the sequel to their 2011's super hit film 'Singham' in the form of 'Singham Returns'. The movie this time gets a bigger heroine and is set in the backdrop of Mumbai city instead of a small town in Goa. So let's find out, whether this successful team of Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty will once again give us another out and out entertainer or this movie too, just like 'Dabangg 2' might just end up being an extended show-reel to its earlier predecessor.

Singham Returns Movie ReviewStory:

'Singham Returns' is a story of dare devil cop D.C.P Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), who is now looking after the law and order of Mumbai city. Singham is supported by many well wishers, including political leader Guruji (Anupam Kher), who plans to change the whole political scenario with the help of his modern ideas. Sadly, Guruji is assassinated in front of Singham and thus starts a whole new chapter in the life of Bajirao Singham. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Singham Returns Movie Stil

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The story is something which we have seen for zillion times in our Hindi cinema, wherein a politician and some religious leader are trying to stop a revolutionary, followed by the whole good vs evil plot line. 'Singham' also had something similar story idea, but the whole treatment and the motive behind it was different and unique. 'Singham Returns' starts with a power packed intro scene of Ajay Devgn but as the movie progresses it goes into the sleep mode which only wakes up during the action scenes. Speaking about the action scenes there are some remarkable action scenes (in Rohit Shetty style) like the attack on Anupam Kher, Ajay Devgn fighting the goons in the warehouse and few more. It's at these times your zeal of excitement is back otherwise, most of the time you are left with watching a bland film which keeps repeating the original dialogues of its predecessor. There are few dramatic and comical moments too, which might hold your attention for a while, but at the rest of the places it lacks the intensity and entertainment factor which we witnessed in 'Singham', Amole Gupte's track was lame and the movie lacked good dramatic moments, comical moments, twist and most importantly, entertainment factor. It's so sad that when the writers fail to get any solution they make the cops take law in their own hand to do justice. They even failed to create new power packed dialogues or some interesting plot line for the film, due to which it ended up being a stale product packed in a new wrapping. The camera work is good and the movie has been shot in some great locations of Mumbai city.

Music & Direction:

Music by various music directors is a total waste of time. None of the songs in the film go well with the flow of the film. The songs are forced and unwanted. 'Aata Maji Satakli' in the end credits is worth watching for the small child associated with it.

Singham Returns Movie Wallpaper

Director Rohit Shetty is at present the most successful and celebrated director with maximum blockbuster under his sleeves. He started his career by making an action film 'Zameen', which bombed badly and thus one could see his passion for drama and action in 'Singham' where he did excell. In 'Singham Returns', the whole passion and excitement is missing and due to which the movie ends up being among all those films which are made only to fool its audience and encash over the past glory of its predecessor. It's only in the action part and the scenes where Ajay Devgn repeats the super hit dialogues from 'Singham', one can find the Rohit Shetty's involvement in this film as at rest places it was hardly to be found.


Ajay Devgn is outstanding in the action scenes and you will love to see him mouthing his super hit dialogues. Sadly, his character does not rise up the way it was suppose to and ends up being a mere clone to his earlier film. Kareena Kapoor looked pretty and charming, but her role was just to add the glamour quotient to the film. The chemistry between her and Ajay was weak and unappealing. Amole Gupte ends up giving the worst performance among all others in the film. After watching him one badly misses Prakash Raj who's role of Jaykant Shikre could be termed as modern day Mogambo which was loved by everyone. Amole Gupte's character and performance failed to even come close to what Prakash Raj and his character did to the film 'Singham'. Anupam Kher, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ganesh Yadav and Dayanand Shetty lend good support. Zakir Hussain was repetitive. Sharat Saxena, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Shriswara, Sonalee Kulkarni, Ashwini Kalsekar, Govind Namdeo, Sarita Joshi and many more were highly wasted in the film.

Singham Returns Movie

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, there is some good dum in the form of action and couple of dramatic moments. Besides these few enjoyable moments, the movie is a drag and boring. Till the last scene one keeps hoping that the movie might get the magic and entertainment factor of 'Singham' back, sadly it ends up being another extended flick on the line of 'Dabangg 2', where the lovable characters are there but you don't seem to love them anymore. The movie is a total rehash of 'Singham' but not even one fourth amount of the fun and entertainment factor. Singham means lion and in the movie 'Singham' it was roaring and powerful, but this time it ends up being as a circus lion, which keeps repeating its trick on the whip of the ringmaster without any power or fierceness attached to it.

Ratings: 2/5

Singham Returns

A number of storytellers seek inspiration from the masala movies attempted in the 1970s and 1980s. An era that witnessed the emergence of the angry young man. An era when storytellers such as Vijay Anand, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Ramesh Sippy, Yash Chopra, Subhash Ghai and other reputable names transported the single screen audience [there were no multiplexes then; just 'Balcony' and 'Stalls' in cinemas] to a world of make believe. An era that gave us a string of unforgettable entertainers.

No wonder, a number of present-day film-makers borrow/seek inspiration from films of yore... a couple of directors even going to the extent of remaking those all-time classics.

Rohit Shetty's SINGHAM -- his best effort to date, in my opinion -- was a forceful blast from the past. A film that faithfully followed the rules of entertainment to the T. A remake, the first part brought back memories of the classics that were attempted by our peers. SINGHAM emerged a solid hit for varied reasons: high-voltage drama, raw action, dialogue-baazi during the confrontations and of course, power-packed performances by Ajay Devgn and Prakash Raj that elicited wolf-whistles. Quite obviously, the expectations from SINGHAM RETURNS, which brings the unbeatable combo of Ajay and Rohit Shetty together, are gargantuan.

SINGHAM RETURNS is dissimilar when you draw parallels with the first part -- there's no connect between the two films, except, of course, Bajirao Singham. In SINGHAM, Singham took on the powerful politician [Prakash Raj], while the second installment throws light on the upright cop's crusade against corrupt politicians, including an influential Swamiji [Amole Gupte]. Much like the first installment, the combat is amongst equals yet again, with the protagonist and the antagonist going all out to knock each other down.

SINGHAM RETURNS reflects the times we are living in. Scams, frauds, corruption, misuse of power by the high and mighty... much like the entertainers of yore, SINGHAM RETURNS provides a voice to the common man and you root for the diligent cop as he wages a war against the crooks. Sure, it's a familiar terrain for moviegoers, since we have experienced such face offs in countless films, but what matters ultimately is how persuasive, ambitious and imaginative it appears, despite the conventional constraints. Both, Ajay and Rohit dive into the film with earnestness and conviction, relishing every moment and deliver a knock out entertainer.

Here's the plotline: The courageous Bajirao Singham [Ajay Devgn] now returns to Mumbai. The story takes off when an officer from Singham's squad [Ganesh Yadav] is found dead, holding an enormous sum of money and charged with being corrupt. Singham begins his quest to trace the mystery behind it.

Known for escapist entertainers like the GOLMAAL series, ALL THE BEST, BOL BACHCHAN and CHENNAI EXPRESS, Rohit does an about turn with the SINGHAM franchise. Besides, he and screenplay writer Yunus Sajawal add a dash of realism to reinvent the formula, but the focal point remains the same: Entertainment. Expect a deafening applause when Singham stages an entry or when he gets into a war of words with the Swamiji or when he exchanges blows with his bare fists or when the officers march to Swamiji's office in the climax.

However, there are loopholes you cannot overlook. Much like the first part [SINGHAM], the romantic scenes just don't cut ice and appear forced in the narrative. In fact, the story stagnates when the songs are incorporated to make the romance factor work. The film could've done without songs actually. Also, the action pieces are too lengthy at times and could've been crisper. Additionally, the soundtrack, which, despite a couple of reputed names associated with it, doesn't linger in your memory, including Yo Yo Honey Singh's 'Aata Majhi Satakli'.

Sajid-Farhad adorn the sequences with seeti-maar dialogue that are sure to be an instant hit with audiences, especially during the high-voltage dramatic sequences. Dudley's cinematography is top notch, while the action sequences are raw and gritty.

Although Ajay's body of work includes several memorable characters and films, the character of Bajirao Singham does optimal justice to his personality, acting skills and star charisma. Expectedly, the actor delivers a towering performance, grabbing your attention the moment he enters the story. He packs a solid punch in a role that seems tailor-made for him, a character that will remain synonymous with his name. You've to give it to Kareena for being able to hold her own effectively, despite Ajay being the showstopper. She's lively and though she goes over the top occasionally, the masses will like her loud character.

There's tremendous curiosity for Singham's adversary this time. In fact, it must've been a challenge for Rohit to make the opponent as commanding as the one in the previous film [Jaikant Shikre]. Amole Gupte as Swamiji, the antagonist, does a marvelous job. Anupam Kher is extraordinary. He slides into his part most effortlessly. Mahesh Manjrekar is subdued, but effective.

Zakir Hussain hits the bull's eye yet again. Sharat Saxena is in fine form. Dayanand Shetty infuses life into his part. He's first-rate! The supporting cast -- Ganesh Yadav, Govind Namdev, Pankaj Tripathi, Deepraj Rana, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Vineet Sharma -- do justice to their respective characters. Ashwini Kalsekar is excellent.

On the whole, SINGHAM RETURNS is a complete mass entertainer with power-packed drama, hi-intensity dialogue and towering performances as its aces. The brand value attached to it coupled with a long weekend will help the film reap a harvest and rule the box-office in days to come. A sure-shot WINNER!

Entertainment Movie Review - What about the Human Rights???

In Hollywood we have seen many great movies featuring a dog in a salient role. The viewers have witnessed many dog based films in form of animation, action, emotional and comical films. Earlier in our Hindi films, dogs were used only as a source of comic relief or for an emotional scene. Yash Chopra's produced film 'Noorie' could be termed as one of the first successful films featuring a dog in a pivotal role followed by Jackie Shroff starrer film 'Teri Meherbaniyan'. Along with these films, we did witness dogs essaying important roles in many films like 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun', 'Mard', 'Bol Radha Bol', 'Chillar Party', 'Maa' and few more. Akshay Kumar starrer film 'Entertainment' too, features a wonder dog, Junior, in a significant role and promises to be at par with the title of the film. The promos seemed a bit loud and over the top humor, but, with some good witty one liners attached to it. So let's find out, whether 'Entertainment' will provide us a good dose of entertainment with the help of its witty writing or might end up being a product of badly executed film by debutant directors.

Entertainment Movie Review


'Entertainment' film is a story about Akhil (Akshay Kumar), who keeps doing odd jobs to support his livelihood. One fine day, he discovers that he is the illegitimate child of a multi millionaire Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil). But before Akhil could inherit his father's property, he comes to know that it's already been transferred in the name of his father's loyal dog Entertainment (Junior). Akhil along with the help of his friend Jugnu (Krushna Abhishek) decides to seek back his property by all means. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Entertainment Movie Still

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The one liner story idea seems interesting and funny, too. The movie starts with good time-pass moments but as it keeps progressing the screenplay starts to drag with back to back unwanted and over the top scenes. Though, one would love the scenes where Akshay Kumar appears as a fat man, Akshay Kumar's interaction with film celebrities, the bonding scenes between Akshay Kumar and the dog followed by the superb reference of film actors made by Krushna Abhishek in every scene of his. But, besides these enjoyable scenes there are back to back miserably gone wrong scenes starting with Akshay meeting Mithun Chakraborty, the whole trying to kill dog tricks chapter, Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood ill treating the dog followed by Akshay Kumar saving them from the dogs, Akshay's weak aping of Mehmood's classic horror scene act, climax chase and many more. Almost every scene contains forced comical one liners which after a while fails to even get a smile on your face. The film references work brilliantly in Krushna Abhishek's scenes, but in the rest of the places, goes over the top, especially in Prakash Raj-Sonu Sood scenes after which I doubt if you would ever watch Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan's film 'Karan Arjun'. The predictable and stagnant screenplay ruins the whole impact of the film along with bad execution. The camera work is terrible and all the special effects scenes were weak and matched to the level of B-grade television serials.

Entertainment Movie Wallpaper

Music & Direction:

Music by Sachin Jigar works only in two songs - 'Jhonny Jhonny' and 'Veerey Di Wedding'. 'Teri Mahima Aprampar' could have been more funnier. Atif Aslam songs like 'Tera Naam Doon' and 'Nahi Who Saamne' were totally unwanted.

Debutant director duo Sajid-Farhad saves some of brilliant one liners for their film but fails to extract the same from their direction work. Their intentions may be good about making a clean family film with a full mixture of comedy, drama, emotion and action indulged in it, but fails to execute it with total conviction level. Their control over the flow of the film is very weak and thus at times the film goes overboard and matches up with the insanity level of films like 'Humshakals' and few more masala entertainers. Sajid-Farhad should've stuck to their writing part and let some sensible director act as the captain of the ship, due to which maybe, this movie would have ended on a better note.


Akshay Kumar looks good and is great in his one liner comic avatar. Sadly, his character has nothing new nor interesting to offer, due to which he ends up on a stagnant note. Tamannaah Bhatia has more length in her name than in her character in the film. She reminds you of her terrible performances in films like 'Himmatwala' and 'Humshakals'. Krushna Abhishek is the best among all others, even in the worst situations his comic one liners work brilliantly and adds an instant smile on your face. Johnny Lever is good in his role and we need to see more of this talented actor. Mithun Chakraborty, Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj are fine in their parts. Special appearances by Riteish Deshmukh, Remo D'Souza, Shreyas Talpade, Sajid-Farhad and Hiten Tejwani were entertaining. Junior the wonder dog is cute and charming.

Entertainment Movie 2014

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well the movie starts with good dum along with some fun, but as it progresses, the dum and fun seems to slide downwards and ends up on a disappointing note. The kids might love the dog track, but rest others will have a hard time digesting the insanity happening in the film. At the time of promo launch, animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi, supported this film, saying that no animals were harmed in this film. Well, after watching this movie would love to ask her, 'What about the human rights?', as 'Entertainment' movie harms them mercilessly with the level of idiocy attached to it in the name of entertainment.

Ratings: 1/5

Kick Movie Review - Bhaai Machaye Dhoom...


In the earlier days masked heroes based films on the story line of Robin Hood were quite popular in our Hindi cinema. We have seen actors like Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, Mehmood and many more essaying the character of masked hero who robs from the rich and keeps helping the poor. The audience loved watching their favourite hero wearing a mask and doing their heroic act. The trend started to fade out with the millennium era and was replaced by the superheroes types of films in our Hindi cinema. Speaking about the trio Khans of our Hindi cinema, one of them opted for a superhero based films and another went out doing a daredevil style of fast paced action film. Probably due to which, the third Khan, Salman Khan opted out to do a masked hero based film on the lines of Robin Hood in his latest film, 'Kick'. Now, Salman Khan is known for making out and out action oriented masala film due to which this concept of masked hero seems pretty exciting for the superstar and his die hard loyal fans, too. So let's find out, whether Salman Khan's latest offering in the festive season will manage to do the magic of creating yet another box office history or might end up as an overdose of Salman Khan and his style of cinema.

Kick Movie Review


'Kick' is a story of Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) who loves doing unusual things in his life so that he can enjoy the whole intoxication attached to it. While helping a friend, Devi meets Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) and falls in love with her. But before Devi and Shaina could enjoy their companionship, things fall apart and Shaina ends up in Poland. Shaina meets Himanshu (Randeep Hooda), an ace cop who is chasing a robber named Devil (Salman Khan) and what happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The film, as we all know is a remake of a South Indian film with the similar name and starts on a pretty average level. As the movie progresses towards the middle portion, it converts into popular film Dhoom's style and camouflages itself with the Robin Hood type of settings. The remembrance of the movie 'Dhoom' is so high that it starts to ruin your movie watching experience. Good actors like Randeep Hooda too starts to sleepwalk on the style and concept of 'Dhoom' and 'Dhoom 2'. The first half of the movie takes its own sweet time in establishing the story line, but its only after the middle portion, the movie finds its right track. There are some entertaining scenes like Salman's entry (which also gives tribute to his last few released films), Salman's animated version, Salman's fight in ice cream shop, Salman-Mithun Chakraborty drunk scene, the bicycle chase scene followed by Salman - Randeep's dialogue baazi, Nawaazuddin's entrance scene, Jacqueline's dance, drunk scene between Randeep and Salman Khan followed by all other action scenes, finale portions and many more. On the flip side, the story line runs on a very thin script that hampers the film in a big way. Also, the uncanny references to 'Dhoom' series tends to irritate after a certain point. The writers should have opted out for more detailing and something original. The movie runs very low on the logic level, which is mostly accepted only due to the Salman mania attached to it. But, at various places it fails miserably. The forced references to charity groups and the reasoning does not gel with the film. The camera work is good and does full justice to the feel of the film. The action scenes are brilliantly performed and enhances the level of action scenes in our Hindi cinema.

Kick Movie

Music & Direction:

The music of 'Kick' is good and peppy. 'Jumme Ki Raat' is a huge hit and will woo the audience due to a fantastic dance performance by Jacqueline. The 'Devil' song featuring Nargis Fakhri is foot tapping, but the same song in the finale with dance by Jacqueline is even better. 'Hangover' by Salman Khan as a singer comes as an added charm to the film.

Debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala, ends up being a more of a producer than a director for his upcoming film. He adds the much needed grandeur to the film in terms of action scenes and takes the movie at par with international standards, but while focusing more on this added attraction, he misses out on the writing part.

Kick Movie Still


Salman Khan adds the much needed Salman Khan mania to this film, which was missed by his fans in his few last released films. He looks cute in romantic scenes, ferocious in the action scenes and charming in the songs. Jacqueline Fernandez looks super sexy and ends up delivering a fine performance. Both Salman and Jacqueline compliment each other and their chemistry on screen is flattering. Randeep Hooda tries to ape Abhishek Bachchan's character from the film 'Dhoom', and fails to do proper justice to his role. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is fantastic and does his part at ease. I wished, his screen presence could have been more. But even with the given screen time, he is super impactful. Mithun Chakraborty , Archana Puran Singh, Vipin Sharma, Sanjay Mishra and Saurabh Shukla, lend good support.

Kick Movie 2014

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, there is lots of dum for all those seeking a masala entertaining film with good music, fast pace actions and star power attached to it. The logic hunters in such type of films might end up getting disappointed as usual. The movie might not be on the lines of Salman Khan's super entertaining films like 'Wanted', 'Dabangg' or even 'Ek Tha Tiger', but is far better and entertaining than his recently released films like 'Jai Ho', 'Dabangg 2', 'Bodyguard' and few more. It's got the entire ingredients required for an engaging film and will entertain its targeted audience for whom their lovable Salman Bhai machaye Dhoom, but in his own style.

Ratings: 3.75/5

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