Ask Your Sex Expert Tv Show

Ask Your Sex Expert

Sex Education is a taboo in India. There is no platform for discussions or questions when it comes to sex.To overcome this barrier Care World has come forward with an idea to talk about sex problems in its show," Sex Education & Your Quries ". Its a direct dial-in show that starts with the anchor introducing the renowned expert and the topic of the day which is related to sex...Experts sheds light on that topic and answers the queries of the viewers.The feel is to remove the fear of the sufferers and clear the doubts.The expert also suggests tips to lead a healthy sex life and guides the viewers so that they can handle their problems without any complication. The show deals with almost every problem related to sex,whether it is a matter of concern in young age or the problems of middle age.This show visualizes a new horizon in the field of sex education and a must see for all.