ALA Omega 3 Tv Show

ALA Omega 3

This  show sheds light  on  the  urgent  need to  create health awareness with special focus on disease prevention and  management  by  rational  use  of  ALA based  Omega-3  which   has been  restricted  to  the  zone  of  non-veg  food  items but  now its  available  in vegetarian form.This  show not only highlights the good  news  for  veggies but  also explains  the  meticulous  effect of  this  fatty acid on different body organs  with  the  help  of  experts. As it  is  highly  beneficial  in  maintaining the  elasticity  of joints, enhancing  the  memory, in pregnancy and the  treatment of hyper tension, heart  diseases and diabetes. It is also  important  for  the  health of  reproductive  organs, muscles, eyes, just  about  every  organ  system  that  one  can think about  requires ample  amount  of  ALA  based  Omega-3.This show is a must  see for every  viewer  as  it  ventures  the  less  known  area of  omega-3 which  is essential for adults as well as infants in building a healthy body and  healthy  mind.

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