Ayurveda Aur Hum Tv Show

Ayurveda Aur Hum

Ayurved is an ancient medical science which evolved and developed in India. It has been considered to be the science of long life with a sound mind and healthy body. With a view to bring people closer to this ancient Indian medical science and make them aware of it's benefits, CARE WORLD has created Ayurved aur Hum- a direct dial in show . It opens with a particular topic related to different types of maladies in human body,where expert elaborates the causes,symptoms and treatments available in Ayurved. Very interesting and interactive in approach,the show offers an opportunity for the viewer to ask their queries during the show. It encompasses the advantages of Ayurved along with its curative and preventive approach in modern life. With a developing pace of lifestyle diseases, Ayurved aur Hum guides the viewer towards a natural way of healthy life style and a must see show for each and every viewer.