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Yog Shakti

Yoga is known as as an ancient technique which empowers our body and mind ,enlightens our soul. nowadays Yoga has become very popular with its fitness mantras and as a magical cure for many diseases. Despite of its raising craze, the true essence of is still under the wrap for many. Yog Shakti on care world is designed in such a manner that it unwraps all the secrets of yoga by highly acclaimed yogachrya Shailie Khera. The expert teaches the right postures of yoga in a very simple manner and clears all the doubts so one can learn and practice yoga at the same time. This show inspires the viewers in a very interesting manner to learn the basics of yoga and perform the easiest as well as the most difficult aasans of yoga with ease. Yog shakti has a different approach of imparting the knowledge of yoga which cures and prevents the diseases caused by todays lifestyle. So there is a combo of certain aasans which are useful for certain diseases and there are certain aasans which help us to avoid the bad effects of modern life style. The show starts with the introduction of a particular aasan ,how to practice it and the usefulness of that aasan. at the end the viewer is left with a pleasant feeling of learning that aasan as the instructions are clear and easy .

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