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Singhasan Battisi - Hindi

This story dates back to a period long after the demise of the Gupta empire. It is said that once a group of young shepherds living in the villages near the ancient city of Ujjain had gone to the grazing fields with their sheep. They had a row over some issue. One of the shepherds, bored by this sudden quarrel, climbed up a high cliff situated nearby. As soon as he sat on the top, he felt a strong power gripping him. "I'll do justice to you all", aloud he shouted. Then, he listened over the whole matter and resolved it with great skill. The other boys were astonished. Slowly, his fame spread to the other villages too and people from far off came to him to get their issues solved. Consequently, his reputation of a common boy showing exquisite power of justice, reached the King. He met the boy and was himself bewildered. Then, he ordered his men to excavate the rock on which the boy sat. When the job was done, a big throne was found unearthed in the rock. The throne was recognized to be the famous Sinhasan Battisi throne of Raja Chandragupta Vikramaditya of the Gupta dynasty who was famous for his justice. Thus, it was proclaimed that the throne had mystical powers and anyone sitting on it was empowered with immense ability to do justice. Later, before the advent of the Muslim invaders, the throne disappeared suddenly and was never seen again.