Full Masti 88.2 Tv Show

Full Masti 88.2

Soon after college a Group of friends were wondering what to do with their lives As Danny Comes up with a plan of Setting up a Radio Station in which all of them could work together, through thick, thin, no money and no listeners. They all jump into setting up a radio station even though no one has any idea what it is all about. Putting all their skills together as Akashy would set up the place and the finances, Dhakan will take care of the technical dept. with his knowledge in computers & gadgets. Radhika with her management skills. Pia with her marketing skills. Pinky as a receptionist, and Danny as their RJ (Radio Jockey). They together meet ends, solve problems and slowly evolve & setting up a successful Radio Station called Full-Masti 88.2 by interacting with their callers providing solutions to them as well as discovering themselves in the process.