Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya Tv Show

Papad Pol - Shahbuddin Rathod ki Rangeen Duniya

"PAPAD POL ....Shahbuddin Rathod Ki Rangeen Duniya" is a show based on the story of the imaginary world of characters created by renowned writer Shahbuddin Rathod. Shahbuddin Rathod is a well renowned name in the entertainment fraternity. Internationally he has travelled around the world and is passionate about his talent of bringing a smile to peoples' lives through his stories and funny anecdotes about these set of characters through live stage shows and recorded cassettes for the last 40 years. Needless to say, he commands great respect and adulation from the world over. He is different from other humorists in a sense that apart from narrating his stories in the most hilarious and gripping manner, he has shared his wisdom in the form of inspirational life stories, spiritual quotations and philosophies. He has also written various books that have continued to tickle the funny bone of the nation and the world for nearly half a century. Our show "Papad Pol...Shahbuddin Rathod Ki Rangeen Duniya" is based on these characters visualized by this legendary orator. SAB has attempted to create the dramatized presentation of his vision and the wonderful and intriguing characters. His characters are a very simple, relatable middle class people living together in a POL (Colony). Their honesty, unique outlook, simplicity, interesting quirks and loving nature will surely capture the viewers' imagination.

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