Ammaji Ki Gali Tv Show

Ammaji Ki Gali

Ammaji Ki Galli is a show set in Amritsar.The show predominantly revolves around families living in a crowded street ,each of them having a different story and how Ammaji ,who is the central figure ,helps them to overcome their daily problems. The Protagonist, Ammaji is an extremely intelligent woman and the oldest member of the Galli. She knows everyone like her own children. Often the people in the neighbourhood pour their hearts out to Ammaji believing that, though she has been paralysed few years ago, she can still hear them and offer her silent empathy .But, there is a twist to the tale. The audiences will gradually discover how in her own way she plays the invisible hand of god for the residents of this galli. Apart from Ammaji the galli is full of interesting characters like the cleanliness freak Parminder, her ever curious son Bacchittar ,the adorable twin girls who dress alike and an over positive Sheetal. Ammaji Ki Galli comes from the stable of writer producer duo Divy Nidhi sharma and Aparajita Sharma of Angry young man productions who, have earlier written films like Aloo Chaat, Zokommon and have several TV shows to their credit as well.The show is being produced by Abhimanyu Singh of Contiloe Productions.

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