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Sonu Sweety

"Sonu is tired of Sweety's indifferent behavior and ends up venting his frustration in his office. Sweety is also frustrated with Sonu's irksome behavior and shares her concerns with Mrs. Babbar. Mr. Chadda and Mrs. Babbar give a 'Gurumantra' to them. Sonu gets suspicious when he sees Sweety shower him with love as she makes a plan to watch a movie with him. But, Sonu wants to see the movie with Rita. Sweety finds the movie tickets from him. What will happen of Sonu now? "Sonu Sweety" is the hilarious narrative of a middle-class Punjabi couple who've been married 7 years, and share a love-hate relationship...They fight everyday of their lives over trifles -- about the dhobi asking for too much money, buying a washing-machine, and putting up their wedding photograph... but somehow, magically, their love never vanishes... This is the theme of "sonu sweety" "Can't live with you, Can't live without..." After the initial honeymoon period, Sweety & Sonu Malhotra have started living their marriage in trial and error method... like every other marriage"

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