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Chuupke Chuupke

"Chuupke Chuupke is a story of two families: The Singhs and The Abhyankars. The Singhs are a Punjabi, non- vegetarian family headed by Happy Singh. Happy Singh lives with his wife Ranjeet Kaur and their son Goldie Singh. The Abhyankars on the other hand are a strict vegetarian, Brahmin family. Mr. Anirudh Abhyankar is a simple man and is highly principled. He does not approve the flamboyant ways of his neighbor and expects his wife Mrs. Radhika Abhyankar to support him. The only thing common between the two families is their dislike for each other. Chuupke Chuupke is a comedy about these nieghbours and their sweet and sour interaction."

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