Astrovani Tv Show


Planet earth and its inhabitants revolve around the solar system alike other planets. The planets that are part of the solar system govern the lives of all living beings and are responsible for other natural phenomenon on planet earth. Human beings over ages have been continually studying these planetary aspects through one of the best and renowned scientific approach called astrology. The concept of SaharaOne's show 'ASTROVANI' also revolves around these planets forming the solar system. ASTROVANI will be a weekly astrology show hosted by renowned astrologer Pt. Krishna Murari Mishra. The show comprises of weekly prediction, discussion about planetary influences on people, their day-to-day life and events. ASTROVANI promises to be an interactive show, where queries of viewers will be answered to get an in --depth astrological view and solution about their concerns and problems. Viewers can e- mail their questions on or post it to the following address: ASTROVANI Response Cell Sahara One Sahara India Point S.V Road, Goregaon(W) Mumbai - 400104

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