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Aathvan Vachan

Aathvan Vachan is about the sanctity and solemnity of vows that strengthen the commitment of marriage.Mentally challenged Urmi (Vinny Arora)|who at the age of 18 behaves like an eight-year-old|shares a strong bond with her elder sister ManaliĀ  (Mouli Ganguly). So attached is Urmi to Manali that she despairs at the prospect of staying apart from her sister even for a day.Turbulence hits Urmi's placid life when one day Manali meets Aadesh (Vishal Singh). Both fall in love and decide to marry. But the marriage comes with a caveat by Manali. Manali would marry Aadesh only if he accepts Urmi as a part of their life. Apprehensive in the beginning|Aadesh slowly understands the bond shared by Manali and Urmi. Showing exemplary maturity and understanding|Aadesh invites the mentally challenged teenager into his life along with Manali. Aadesh's promise to care for Urmi becomes the Aathvan Vachan (the eighth vow).Unexpected circumstances bring unforeseen changes in the life of Urmi|Aadesh and Manali. Will Aadesh keep his promise? What has destiny in store for Manali?

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