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Krishnaben Khakhrawala

" Ahmedabad,Krishnaben Ka Khakra is not the biggest snack brand but it is definitely the most loved. And more than her khakhra, it is Krishnaben herself that the people of Ahmedabad love. At 45, Krishnaben is an icon for the common man and her energy, hard work and her image of an ideal mother and sensitive businesswoman adds to her aura. Her life has been a mixed bag of joy and pain but Krishnaben has taken everything in her stride to become what she is today. Krishnaben's husband, Ravi expired within 12 years of their marriage leaving behind 3 sons - 10 yr old Ishaan, 9 yr old Nilay, 7 yr old twins Uday and a daughteDamini. Krishnaben took up the challenege of raising the children and faced life with a lively and undying spirit. Krishnaben is also a loving, caring and religious woman who is principled, positive thinking and strong willed. Even though she is a widow, she dresses up well for her children's sake. The story begins at a point when, the children want their mother to stop working hard by selling snacks and live peacefully and relax with their families. Krishnaben also respects her children's demand and gives up her work and starts living as a home -maker with her sons and their families. Over time, as the sons start their families, they get trapped in a new world order, full of corruption and eventually the family breaks. Krishnaben is unable to accept the fact that the children for whom she had sacrificed her life, working hard day and night and who she had taught good values have started walking on the path of wrong. Unable to reunite them, she goes to work in an orphanage where she spreads happiness amongst unknown children. Here, she realizes that her children need her the most at this phase of their life and she returns back to her family and reunites her children through her grandchildren."

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