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Aisa Des Hai Mera

Rusty belongs to an upper middle class family and lives with her parents John and Linda but she is inexplicably drawn to the many facets of Punjab. The music fascinates her, the aroma of spices, the fabric and the dresses, the colours ? it all seems to have meaning which she cannot explain. Rusty thus decides to go to Punjab to search for some explanation to the primeval pull that she feels.From the rational state of mind, Rusty finds Punjab and its people childlike, surreal and unrealistically possessive. But she inherits not only the decade old rivalries but also their hopes, their angst, their pains and their dreams.The novelty of the serial lies in the exploration of the way of life of pastoral and feudal Punjab. A Punjab which is on the verge of change and desperately trying to ward off the western influences and Punjabis desperately trying to hold on to their quaint cultural idioms, their ethos, their unshakeable belief in the hierarchy of social classes. Yet, it is a Punjab, which is vibrant, celebratory, energetic full of passion and aggression. It is the story about people who hate passionately, who love passionately, and who live passionately

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