Risshton Ki Dor Tv Show

Risshton Ki Dor

Risshton Ki Dor is a soap opera based on the concept of human spirit and its emotions. The story is about the oldest brother Suhas of Abhayankar family who struggles to keep his family united after the 'supposed' death of their parents. He promises his parents to take care of his 3 younger sisters. Tejaswini, the middle sister and the protagonist, is a young nurse who is studying medicine and who will see her dreams shatter when she falls in love with Rahul Raichand, a successful engineer. In spite of belonging to completely different worlds, circumstances bring them together. And once they meet, their lives will forever be entwined. Tejaswini will see herself having to pick between the love and gratitude she feels for her only brother and the passionate love she feels for her boyfriend, Rahul Raichand. Now she is torn between the love of her life and the love for her brother; she reaches the crossroads of life where she has to make a choice.

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