Vaidehi Tv Show


The story revolves around the life of 21-year-old middle-class Vaidehi, who has a dream of marrying her Prince Charming and having a supportive family. But being born in a poorer family, Vaidehi believes her dream may not come true. Nevertheless, as was destined to happen, her parents get a marriage proposal for their daughter from one of the richest families in the town — the Jaisinghs. Vaidehi's family finds it hard to believe that they asked for a marriage with their son Aryavardhan. Vaidehi is also skeptical and wonders what the reason behind this alliance could be. She refuses to accept the offer. However, her parents persuade her to accept it. Eventually, after major persuasion from her family, Vaidehi marries Aryavardhan. A few days after her marriage, Vaidehi feels trapped in the relationship, and her life comes to a standstill. The question remains — what is the secret that lurks in the corridors of the Jaisingh mansion and what will happen when the truth is unveiled?