Thodi Khushi Thode Gham Tv Show

Thodi Khushi Thode Gham

The story mainly focus on Sneha, who is the youngest daughter-in-law of the Shah family; her battle is against her father-in-law Mansukh Lal Shah. Mansukh believes that men should be dominant over women at all times, where Sneha believes that both should have equal rights. Sneha is married to Pranav, who is very strong-minded and is a good son. Sneha is married in a joint family, which consists of a sweet, strong-minded but shy mother (Daya), a sweet and gentle natured daughter-in-law (Jyoti), a sweet smart gynecologist doctor turned housewife (Bhavna), a strong-minded son (Amar), a dedicated son (Manoj), a cool, modern son (Karan), a nosy aunt (Kanta Ben), an apprentice of an uncle (Bhagu Mamaji), two sweet little kids (Alisha and Bittu), a teenage daughter with big dreams (Hetal) and two loving but funny servants (Manjit and Santu). That is the Shah family, a Jain joint family living together in a male-dominated home. But with Sneha's arrival things start to go haywire.