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Ye Meri Life Hai

"Reema's mother talks to Reema about why she is not eating. Reema confronts her mother and they both fight. Set in contemporary India, Yeh Meri Life Hai reflects the aspirations and dreams of today's youth as they battle it out with conventions and norms to carve their own niche in the world. The story revolves around a vivacious teenager, Pooja, who belongs to a typical middle class Gujrati household but strives to fulfill her dream of becoming a film director some day. Pooja's optimistic outlook reflects today's never-say-die attitude. A vivacious 17-year-old teenager, Pooja has been brought up with middle class, traditional values and beliefs. But like most teenagers today she is also exposed to everything modern. She respects what her family stands for but at the same time she wishes to spread her wings and fly. She is constantly struggling to make her two worlds meet. Pooja takes her first bold step towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a film director by making the decision to join a 'happening college' like St. Martin's while keeping her father in the dark about this. When Pooja enters the awe-inspiring yet strange world of St. Martin's along with her best friend Mandy, they are immediately thrown into a world of myriad experiences; a culture that is alien, modern and sometimes shocking"

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