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Just Mohabbat

"Jay runs back into the hostel and opens a letter from his mother which has a Rakhi from his sister and chocolates from his father. He chases after his friend Baadal who steals the box of chocolates and runs. He comes across a senior who gets the chocolate box and signals him to go away. Baadal apologizes to Jay and tries to console him. Further, Jay and Baadal ponder why the senior boys always want to be with girls. The next day, Jay and Gautam get in trouble with their maths teacher. However, more trouble awaits them when their seniors from their "blue house" call them and ask them to do something for them. What do they want from Jay and Gautam? Watch this entertaining episode and find out. Just Mohabbat is a story of a sensitive young boy, Jay and his wonder days of school and growing up. Jay lives in a hostel in Dehradun away from his parents Maya and Raj and his sister Priya. The story is about Jay and his imaginary friend who he adores. It tells stories of growing up: school, teachers, girls, lectures, friendship, best friends and first love. It also deals with how the decisions made by the parents and the way they behave with their children and in society, impacts the children's personality and lifestyle. Every child is a little insecure and it is the parent's responsibility of providing them with love and comfort and a secure environment to grow up in. Just Mohabbat is a story that shows the lighter side of the teenage years and growing up."

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