Comedy Circus - Dekh India Dekh Tv Show

Comedy Circus - Dekh India Dekh

"This 13-part series will be shot in real locations to give authenticity to the characters, for example, if Akbar and Birbal have gone to a discotheque, then the situation will be filmed in a real discotheque. Some of the characters in this new series are Akbar & Birbal played by Rajesh Kumar & Rajiv Nigam; Havaldar Kadam & Havaldar Kaale played by Ali Asghar & VIP; Baiju played by Krushna & Bawra by Sudesh Lahiri; Malti Manohar Mishra played by Gaurav Gera and Swapnil Joshi as the hen-pecked Jignesh Shah. Each episode will see these characters play their parts in different situations. The show will also have a studio audience and a host, who will be seen in a new avtaar. All the characters will vote against each other, based on their performances in that particular episode. At the end of each episode, one character/pair will be in the danger zone based on the votes. At the end of the 8th episode, the character/pair that was found in the danger zone, the maximum times, will get eliminated. "

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