Powder Tv Show


"When a drug delivery is foiled by Mahendra Ranade, the accused are taken in custody. Mahendra Ranade puts down Brinda with his provocative remarks and an enraged Brinda walks out of the investigation. At a briefing, the NBC team is briefed about Naved Ansari. Naved Ansari's younger brother Waseem and his accomplice, who are arrested in a police raid are the only hope the NBC have to pin down the drug lord. Will NBC be able to get the custody of Waseem from the police and bring Naved Ansari to justice? -- Watch "Powder" to find out. The power of terrorism and the power of underworld no longer mean gunshots and hoaxes. 'Powder' is the story of the new scenario in substance abuse - a generation embracing drugs as part of their living and about the men who know how to inject this habit steadily so as to make fortune out of it. Powder -- an insight of the drug lord, Naved Ansari, and an honest team of Narcotics Control Bureau led by Usmaan Malik who plans to nab Ansari before he can hoodwink the system into letting him go scot free. The web of power, addiction, money, values, corruption, justice, and deceit is what powder will take you through on its journey."