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"Isha and Rohan on their journey to find a perfect match for their client, encounter a very difficult client. Will they be able to find a match for her considering her behavior? Interestingly she has a past to understand too, Watch further to find out? Opposites attract? Really? Think again. Rishta.com is the story of these extremely opposite but compassionate souls who claim to be living life the right way. Rishta.com is the story of two contrasting individuals namely Isha and Rahul who open a matrimonial agency and try to unite the matches made in heaven, on earth. But while accomplishing the most challenging job, they encounter extreme cases, and illogical requests of their clients. As two strikingly different individuals, the way they deal with these circumstances proves the line that men are from mars and women are from Venus. What follows is a series of hilarity and the perfect sweet-salty recipe for a Happily Ever After.This show is a story of a couple who reiterates the fact that opposites attract and make a better life despite of the differences in their lifestyles and nature"

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