Chittor Ki Rani Padmini Ka Jouhar Tv Show

Chittor Ki Rani Padmini Ka Jouhar

Malkhan Singh makes a promise to capture Padmini and kill Ratan Singh for having insulted him. However, the spy advises him to send someone else to avoid any problems by Gora who would recognize him immediately thus Malkhan Singh's brother, Madhur Singh decides to go.In Sinhal Dweep the vidayee preparations continue. Padmini who is in her room tells Saudamini that she is upset that her parents are sending her away so soon. Ratan Singh on overhearing this tells her that he has decided to leave earlier, since he had been away from home for long. However, he apologizes to her for being insensitive and not asking her before he made his decision. Padmini is touched by his gesture and says that Chittod is her home too and even she would like to leave at the earliest. At that time, Padmini also comes to know that Saudamini is coming along with her. She gets upset and tells her not to since she has a life of her own too. However Saudamini who has always been with her since childhood tells her that she is like her shadow and will go wherever she does.Chetan Raghav is seen talking to Nagmati and telling her that all that is happening currently could be because of something that happened in the past. That is when Nagmati gets a flash of the time when she had a showdown with Ratan Singh where she tells him to get another wife. As she comes back to reality one of her maids informs her that the King has summoned her. Getting very tense, she moves out of her mahal.When Nagmati comes to meet the King and Queen, she gets the news about Ratan Singh getting remarried. She is heart broken. Samer Singh and Abha Devi too are shocked to hear the news but Abha Devi still tries to cover up for Ratan Singh. Samer Singh says that he cannot get over the fact that his son Ratan Singh can do something so wrong. At that time, Nagmati poses a very vague question saying, "When did your son go wrong"? Abha Devi reacts immediately to that question telling her not to say anything against Ratan Singh. Nagmati leaves the mahal in a fit of anger. As she moves out, she snatches a sword from one of the guard's hands.Gora Singh informs Ratan Singh that the baraat with a foolproof army is ready to leave. Ratan Singh tells him that he is going to send a messenger to Sinhal Dweep so that everyone there is aware of their coming. Gora impresses Ratan Singh by telling him that he has already sent a messenger to Sinhal Dweep sometime ago by a different route to avoid any interference from anyone.Nagmati walks very briskly in the corridor and comes and stands in front of Chetan Raghav. He sees the sword and has a smile on his face, this gets to Nagmati. She is shocked to see how brazen he is and asks him if he is not worried about losing his life. Chetan Raghav simply answers her by saying that if one painting which I made could bring about such a drastic change in your present life imagine how useful I can be to you in the future. That is when, Nagamati comes to know Chetan Raghav's value and walks away, shocked.Back in Sinhal Dweep, the vidayee ceremony is on. Everyone is present there to bid their most loved princess good-bye. Padmini and her parents are very emotional. At that moment, Ratan Singh says something very touching and very shocking he says, "I may not be remembered in the history of Chittod but I guarantee that Padmini will always be remembered as the Queen of Chittod!''

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