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Betiyaan Apni Yaa...

Betiyaan apni yaa... Paraaya Dhan is a social drama set in Rajkot, Gujarat - a city rooted in its culture and traditions. It is the story of 6 daughters and 1 son born into a Zamindar family of Neelkanth Chanda Rana. Neelkanth is a father who considers his daughters more a burden. They have come into his life only for the want of a son. Krishna, the eldest daughter and the protagonist, is based on Lord Krishna's character and personifies his depth of wisdom and breath of understanding. A simple, honest and principled girl, she is the balancing factor amongst her sisters. Betiyaan... may be considered the story of many a home in India where the daughter is a curse and the son, a blessing. where it is believed that a son will take the family name further and a daughter is only a burden.

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