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Azhagi is the story of Sundari, a 40-year-old widow, who has struggled for the last 20 years with the sole aim of bringing up her children all by herself. The only driving force in her life has been to see her children -- 2 daughters and a son -- well settled in their lives. This 'tapasya' mirrors her resolute determination to fulfill the dreams of her late husband. As circumstances would have it, Sundari couldn't study much and fate betrayed her yet again when her father also died, even as she turned 20 years of age. Sundari would have remained a destitute had she not met Kathir, an affable man, who was loved by all. Kathir gave her life a new meaning and direction by marrying her. Not only this, Kathir also gave Sundari the reason to carry on -- their 3 children. These children became the reason for her characteristic trait of resilience after every setback life offers her, the biggest of them being Kathir's death in an accident. It is these children and her husband's dreams that she makes the focal point of her existence. Azhagi entails the trials and tribulations of this widow who has toiled tirelessly without a pause just for the sake of making accomplished human beings of her children, and overcoming all odds of life with valor, dignity and self-respect. The story underscores how this vulnerable yet resilient widow battles the hardships life throws at her, even as she goes beyond 20 years of her struggle and counting!

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