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It's often said that you fall in love only once in your life... but what do you do when you an untimely death of a spouse or an estrangement from your beloved snatches your soul mate away from you? Can a second marriage mend the broken pieces of two hearts and bind them in a bond of eternal love again? Punarvivaah is about not putting a full stop in life in spite of tumultuous upheavals. To nurture a spirit of undying hope! To give life a well-deserved second chance! To search for love and happiness again! The theme of the show is remarriage, as suggested by the title. A remarriage of the protagonists, a divorcee named Aarti (Kratika Sengar) and Yash (Gurmeet Chaudhary), a widower! What makes matters even more challenging for Aarti and Yash is that both of them have little children. Will Yash's two daughters and Aarti's son be able to accept the new equations in the family? The programme not only deals with the tremendous adjustments the two new partners have to make but also with how their little children cope with the turmoil. Will Aarti and Yash be able to rebuild their lives joyfully?

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