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The Raghuvanshi family is an influential family, with its highs and lows. This episode begins with Damyanti (Falguni Desai) screaming her head off. She is Hari's aunt. Hari is the main protagonist of the story. Damyanti calls the whole family together as her diamond earrings are missing. Daya (Mohit Kumar) is the helper around the house. Damyanti insists that Daya has stolen her earrings. Sumati (Rupa Divetia) and the others gather to find out the truth. Damyanti insists that Daya has hidden the earring beneath his wig. She makes Daya remove his wig and happily announces to everyone that she has won the bet of making Daya remove his wig. Everyone in the house gets ready to welcome the girl whom they have chosen for Hari. Meanwhile, Rajul, the girl chosen for Hari gets ready to meet him. However, a supernatural power causes her accident. Sumati is heartbroken when she gets the news that Hari's twelth alliance has also broken off. Hari tries to make light of the situation but Sumati is undeterred. Anant's wife, Madhu (Shyamali), comes to know of the sad death of the girl. Daya tells her that they should visit Saptarishi Maharaj (Anang Desai) who will find a solution for this problem. Madhu goes to the holy man who informs her that Hari's marriage is not taking place as a spirit/ghost is in love with him and prevents any girl from coming to Hari's life. He says that Hari will get married to a girl who will be brave to fight the evil spirit.

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