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Dil Se Diya Vachan

Sumati (Abigail Jain) tells her best friend Nandini (Vandana Joshi) that she is very excited as her prospective grooms family is coming to see her. And for the same reason, Nandini is worried as she has lots of work to do at home. Since Nandini is an orphan, she lives with her sister Pallavi (Sai Ranade), much to Jayshrees (Jayshree T) dismay. Jayshree is Pallavi's mother-in-law and Sumati's mother. Jayshree is very excited as the family coming to see Sumati is very well off and a reputed one. Jayshree scolds Nandini for returning late from the temple and tells her to complete all the work before the guests arrive. She also orders Nandini not to be seen around when the guests arrive. Meanwhile, Dr. Kalyani (Neena Gupta), a renowned gynecologist, is very keen to meet Sumati and her family. Urmila (Ashlesha Sawant), Kalyanis elder daughter-in-law, does not approve of Prems (Gaurav Khanna) alliance with a middle class girl. However, Kalyani is confident that a middle class girl will easily adjust in their family. On their way to Sumati's place, Prem gets down from his car to buy some sweets. His attention gets attracted towards Nandini, who is looking confused while crossing the road.

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