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Shobha Somnath Ki

The saga of an unsung brave-heart Shobhna/Shobha (Ashnoor Kaur) from the land of Saurashtra in Western India! This epic drama unfolds the awe-inspiring tale of a girl who confronted the ferocious invasion of the dangerous Emperor, Mahmud Ghaznavi (Vikramajeet Virk)! Devoid of any skills in archery or guerrilla warfare, Shobha matched the invader's might, whose men numbered more than 200,000, with her wisdom, her shrewd, agile mind and her passionate love for her motherland! Born to a mother who succumbed to death after delivering her, Shobha's father Kirit (Pankaj Dheer) condemns her and blames her for his wife's demise. However, her paternal uncle, King Dadda Chalukya (Yash Tonk) and his wife Queen Gayatri Devi (Amrita Raichand) shower their affection on her and thus, Shobha is not deprived of love as a child. It is through them and her little cousin sister, Chaula, that she learns about valour, sacrifice and love. Twists of fate end up turning the little girl Shobha into a valiant person whose love for her land drives the plunderer Mahmud Ghaznavi away! Shobha will be remembered eternally by the inhabitants of Saurashtra for her bravery and heroism! Ep #1 The first episode of the epic drama `Shobha Somnath Ki' opens with the narrator describing the legend behind the Somnath Temple. The subjects of Saurashtra stage a play based on the Moon God in front of the learned Gang Sarvagya (Sudhir Dalvi). He is impressed with Shobhna (Ashnoor Kaur), the young girl who played the role of Lord Shiva in the drama and offers to show her the Somnath Temple. Seeing the `Shiv Ling' (A common form of Lord Shiva worshipped by devotees), Shobhna goes right inside the temple. The oracle Gang Sarvagya then has visions of an invading army and is alarmed but his fears are put to rest when he sees Shobhna warding off the enemy. When Shobhna hugs the `Shiv Ling', the priests raise a hue and cry but Gang Sarvagya assures them that this little girl will protect the honour of Saurashtra and India someday! Meanwhile, King Vallabhdev (Avinash Wadhwan) of Saurashtra meets Dadda Chalukya (Yash Tonk), the King of Bharuch, who is also Shobha's paternal uncle. Dadda Chalukya invites Vallabhdev and his wife Vijaylaxmi to inaugurate the temple dedicated to a learned sage, Maharishi Bhrigu, in Bharuch. Dadda Chalukya then meets Bheemdev, Vallabhdev's son and is impressed with his archery skills. Dadda Chalukya invites Bheemdev also to Bharuch and tells him about his niece Shobhna who possesses a lot of wisdom. Meanwhile, at the Bharuch palace, Shobhna, or Shobha as she is called, is distressed when she sees an old woman cry out to Queen Gayatri Devi (Amrita Raichand), Dadda Chalukya's wife, but the queen does not hear her. Unable to bear her plight, Shobha gives her two gold bangles. Later, Shobha runs to meet her father Kirit (Pankaj Dheer) who is invalid and holds a grudge for being forced to abdicate his throne to his younger brother. Seeing Shobha, Kirit shouts at her and blames her for his wife's demise. Shobha is terribly hurt.

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