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Afsar Bitiya

Afsar Bitiya is set in Bhagalpur, a town in the Indian state of Bihar. This show highlights not only the importance of female education but also the various discriminations against it even today. It is a saga of the protagonist Krishna's (Mitali Nag) unrelenting resilience, aspiration and motivation to work harder and make a mark in society in spite of all adversities. The story traces the journey of Krishna, whose life revolves around her studies, for she fosters a burning desire to become a BDO (Block Development Officer), a person who works towards community development and helps in uplifting the lives of the weaker sections of the society! Providing unconditional support to Krishna's aspirations is her father, Vidyapati (Virendra Saxena), whose sole ambition is to see Krishna realise his own dream of her becoming an eminent officer because he personally had lacked the resources to acquire education. Hailing from a humble background, Krishna's path to fulfilling her ambition is strewn with thorns, but she manages to rise against all the odds through sheer hard work, dedication and unshakeable integrity! Supporting Mitali Nag and Virendra Saxena are Shahbaz Khan, Kinshuk Mahajan, Yash Sinha and Shivshakti Sachdev in this Village Boy Production serial.

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