Sanjog Se Bani Sangini Tv Show

Sanjog Se Bani Sangini

Born to wealthy parents, Jairaj Singh Rawat and Rajrani Rawat (Aruna Irani), Rudra (Iqbal Khan) lives a luxurious life. However, he never gets love from his parents. The only ray of hope in his lonely life is Pihu's (Additi Gupta) friendship, and as they grow older, their friendship blossoms into love and their parents decide to get them married. On the other hand, Gauri (Binny Sharma) takes the entire responsibility of her house by running a shop. Her family comprises of her mother, Sunheri (Samta Saxena), grandmother, Kalki Devi (Sudha Chandran), and younger sister, Umang, who is deaf and dumb. Meanwhile, the pre-wedding celebrations are going on at Rudra's place, but Rudra and Pihu have a major fight. Rudra learns that Pihu is very angry with him and wants him to beg for forgiveness. However, in fit of rage, Rudra collects all the gifts given to him by Pihu and decides to immerse them in River Ganga. Rudra drives off in rage and is about to hit Gauri.

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