Choti Bahu 2008 Tv Show

Choti Bahu 2008

This story is about the life of Radhika, who is a great devotee of Lord Krishna and is brought up by the Shastri family. Although Radhika is an adopted daughter, Shastriji and his wife Devki love her as much as their own daughter Vishakha. But Shastriji's mother Ammaji hates Radhika. Dev, who is the younger son of the Purohit family, falls for Radhika at first sight. But when he sends his family to propose to Shastriji's daughter, they assume that the proposal is for Vishakha, and choose her as the younger daughter-in-law of the Purohit family. But destiny takes such a turn that Radhika has to observe the marriage rituals with Dev because Vishakha runs away from home to fulfill her aspiration of becoming a Bollywood actor. However Vishakha fails in the auditions and returns to snatch her right from Radhika as Dev's wife. Although the marital rites were observed by Radhika, it is Vishakha who is sent away as Dev's bride. Dev, who has always loved Radhika, refuses to accept Vishakha as his wife. Later, circumstances bring Radhika and Dev together in the same house. Will Dev and Radhika ever unite?

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