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Jab Love Hua

Aanya Shroff (Priya Badlani), daughter of a multi millionaire business tycoon Kishan Shroff (Karan Shah), who is on her vacation in Goa, is bemusedly standing near the wishing falls. She is finding it very hard to make a wish, as she was born with a golden spoon and has got everything in her life. An irate vacationer (Neelu Kohli), who is waiting for her turn to make a wish, tells Aanya that she should make a wish to lose everything in her life. At this very moment, Aanya accidentally drops the coin and gets tensed as she feels that the wish the lady had asked will come true. However, her father assures her that nothing of that sort can happen as they were earning billions of profit daily. In order to cheer her up, her grandmother, Gayatri Devi, commonly known as GD (Suhasini Mulay), throws a party for her. Aanya likes to flirt with boys, which her sister, Isha (Madhur Soma Manghnani) does not like. Isha also lives with a complex that she does not get the due attention like her younger sister Aanya does. Later, while enjoying the party, Kishan is shocked when he comes to know that his name has been linked with a big scam and eventually he will lose all his assets and properties. He also fears that he and his family members will have to bear the brunt, therefore he decides to flee. When Aanya comes to know this, she at once realises that her wish has come true. The police arrive at the Shroff's Mansion, but do not find anyone.

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