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Alvida Darling

Alvida Darling is a lighthearted comedy story of a couple Rahul (Farooque Shaikh) and Meera Sayal (Varsha Usgaonkar) who are married for seven years and are on the verge of getting divorced. Episode 1: Meera, a TV anchor and Rahul, a businessman, have been married for seven years and have two kids named Sonu and Monu. But they find it very hard to adjust with each other and decide to get divorced. Rahul s father (Satyen Kapoo) fully supports Meera whereas Meera s mother (Bharti Achrekar) is always on Rahul s side. But Rahul s lawyer Malkani (Rajendra Chawla) and Meera s lawyer Khayali (Hemant Pandey) try their best to separate them from each other. Rahul and Meera file the petition and reach to meet a marriage counselor named Mrs. Khote (Shubha Khote) for the divorce. She listens to both their perspectives and suggests that they both have to live together for a year. Special guest: Raman Kumar.

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