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Ashutosh Dhar (Ashutosh Govatrikar) is a school Principal by profession, who resides in Panchgani. Ashutosh's wife Radhika (Sukanya Kulkarni) is highly superstitious by nature whereas Ashutosh believes in science. Ashutosh and Radhika do not have children. An archeologist Dr. Mishra and his assistant Anand are trying to do research in the caves of Sagargad. Anand cautions Dr. Mishra against going into the cave that night since it is a solar eclipse which is considered inauspicious as per popular belief. However, Dr. Mishra makes fun of him. Dr. Mishra and Anand enter the cave. On the way inside, they find a mad man giving them some kind of warning through a poem. However, Dr. Mishra and Anand ignore him and go inside. Dr. Mishra is elated and mesmerized to tour the cave. The cave is full of cobwebs and artifacts. They also find some strange things like toys and kites there. Anand finds a doll whose eyes suddenly begin to glow. Anand gets scared and puts it aside. At the same time, Mishra finds a strange looking toy Joker. As soon as he touches the toy, an enormous light emits out of it and chases Mishra and Anand. An old lady (Sulbha Deshpande) who is meditating suddenly gets startled and opens her eyes. Ashutosh and Radhika go to their friend's house to attend their son Sonu's birthday party. Ashutosh's friend introduces him to his inspector friend Shinde. At the party, the children play hide and seek with each other. While playing, Sonu goes to the attic in search of his friend. In the dark, he hears the sound of a piano playing by itself. When Sonu asks who is there, he begins to hear strange sounds. Sonu feels scared and rushes downstairs. He tries to tell his parents about the incident, but does not get a chance. Next morning, when Sonu is on his way to school, someone stops him and tries to talk to him. When Sonu refuses to talk to the stranger, he lures Sonu with some gifts, and pulls him away. Sonu's father and Ashutosh go in search of Sonu, and find his water bottle on the way. Inspector Shinde assumes that Sonu has been kidnapped. However, Ashutosh finds some balloons on the fence and freezes. Ashutosh realizes that `He' has come.

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