Hip Hip Hurray Tv Show

Hip Hip Hurray

The story of HIP HIP HURRAY revolves around the lives of the students of 12th class at the DeNobili High school. Their highs and lows, their dreams and aspirations, their friendships and relationships and their way to deal with life is all what is HIP HIP HURRAY about. Characters of Prishita played by Sweta Salve and Meera played by Preeti Narayan are replaced with Kuljeet Randhawa and Nauheed Cyrusi respectively. All the students are extremely excited on coming back to school after the vacations especially the 12th grade students as this is their last year in DeNobili high school. A new student named Alisha arrives in the class. Everyone dislikes Alisha because of her tantrums and taunt her all the time for it. Alisha feels dejected and misses her previous school. Alisha hates DeNobili and decides to get herself expelled from the school.

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