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Sailaab written and directed by Ravi Rai, is essentially love story between Shivani (Renuka Shahane) and Rohit (Sachin Khedekar). Rohit, is an aspiring novelist and writer who soon dicovers how cruel this city of dreams can be. Hailing from Calcutta, he switches tracks and starts writing for films once he falls in love with Shivani. Shivani s elder brother Vijay (Raju Kher) sings his praises and appreciates his intellect till he finds out that he is in love with his sister! Vijay, like all brothers, is keen to see Shivani settled with a person who is financially sound and the idealisitic writer in pursuit of an elusive dream doesn't inspire much confidence! Shivani gets married to a doctor Avinash (Ajikya Deo/Mahesh Thakur) who is extremely wealthy too. Rohit tie the knot in court with Gayatri on the rebound almost. But to Gayatri s credit, she stood by Rohit when he was in a most vulnerable phase having just lost his father and still in a fluid stage as far as his career is concerned. Past and present intermingle freely to say nothing of frequently as Shivani, Rohit and Gayatri mull over their past and contemplate their future with an intensity that makes their old friends like Vicky (Bhushan Jeevan), Nilu (Neelofer) and Girish (Makrand Deshpande) nervous and fear a momentous storm brewing! Do their fears prove to be true or do Shivani and Rohit live happily ever after with their respective spouses? Episode 1 Rohit Kumar (Sachin Khedekar) meets Shivani (Renuka Shahane) in a department store after a gap of five years andthough flooded by memories, he makes polite enquiries about her and her husband Avinash (Ajinkya Deo), a doctor working in a Government hospital doing research on asthma in children.Rohit is surprised to learn that Shivani has taken up a job. As Rohit and Shivani were in a relationship for five years and loved each other deeply, there is a lengthy flashback from Rohit s point of view while he drives home. Shivani s elder brother Vijay (Raju Kher) loses no opportunity to run down the idealistic and unemlpoyed Rohit, and compare him with Avinash who is extremely wealthy and can provide emotional as well as financial security to Shivani. Torn between her brother and lover, Shivani reveals her dilemma to Rohit who asks her if she has the guts to defy Raju and elope! She then confides in her friend Gayatri (Prajakti Deshmukh) who asks her to follow her heart rather than her head and marry Rohit! However, she changes her tune quickly and advises her to marry Avinash and make Raju happy. A confused Shivani asks her brother if she can marry Rohit but he puts his foot down and serves her an ultimatum-marry Avinash or else Shivani thinks it prudent to follow Raju s diktat and marries Avinash. After five years of marriage, she finds no reason to regret her choice. There is a punch to conclude the opening episode-Rohit, now a successful man, is married to none other than Gayatri!

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