Best Of Shabaash India Tv Show

Best Of Shabaash India

Best of Shabaash India , an offshoot of Shabaash India , is a reality show which provides a platform to all the varied talents and skills present in the citizens of India. It taps the intellect, memory besides other physical skills of sheer strength, resilience. Some of the participants have already created enviable records on a national and international level, while others are waiting for such an opportunity! This show has handpicked some of the best performances and feats of it s parent show Shabaash India . Episode 1 Host: Sharad Kelkar Mahendra Joshi, the first performer, astounds the spectators by pulling a Boeing 737-800 aeroplane with his hair. He achieves this feat in his second attempt! The next performances of this episode were the dazzling stunts on motorbikes by Abdul Latif, Munir Hassan and Richard. Next, Reshma Lalwani, a Martial Arts trainer, creates a spectacular record by allowing 50 motorcycles to ride over her stomach!