Choti Bahu 2010 Tv Show

Choti Bahu 2010

Baby Radhika (Muskaan Uppal) is very elated as she has accompanied her father, Mansaram (Aditya Lakhia), to perform the religious ceremony of 'Radhashtami' on the banks of River Yamuna. All the other devotees are impressed to see a young girl performing the religious ceremony. On the other hand, young Dev (Avinash Sachdev), foster grandson of Raj Purohit, the royal priest (Rakesh Pandey), is also performing the religious ceremony along with his `Daima' (Gopie Desai) who is his caretaker. An ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, Radhika prays to God to fulfill her father's wish of seeing her play the role of 'Radha', Lord Krishna's consort, at the annual 'Radhashtami' play. After performing the religious ceremony, Radhika and her father return home happily. However, Radhika's happiness fades away when she is welcomed by her mother's taunts. Mansaram feels bad the way his wife treats Radhika just because she is their adopted child. Later, during the annual 'Radhashtami' play, the organisers get shocked when they come to know that the girl playing the role of 'Radha' is not well and hence will not perform. Without wasting a moment, they decide to find a replacement. Pradhan, one of the organisers, instructs his aide that the girl wearing a blue veil will be allowed to play the role of Radha. Radhika's father is all smiles as Radhika is wearing a blue veil!

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