Shabaash India Children's Special Tv Show

Shabaash India Children's Special

'Shabaash India' is a reality show which provides a platform to all the varied talents and skills present in the children of India. It taps the intellect, memory besides other physical skills of sheer strength, resilience. Some of the participants have already created enviable records on a national and international level, while others are waiting for such an opportunity! Episode 1 Sarvari, the first guest on the show, astounds the audience when she uses a sharp sword to cut the fruits placed on the stomach of a few kids! She also repeats the same act blindfolded. Later, 'Shabaash India' salutes the never-say-die spirit of Master Ankit who is felicitated for his brave efforts of escaping from his captors, at cost of one hand! Lastly, Anirbana, a 3 and a half year old kid, climbs 70 feet on a rope and comes back with a flag kept on top!