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Antara : Zynah Vastani / aaina Mehta (ep 120) Aaditya Verma : Darshan Pandya Vidya : Prabhleen Sandhu Sameer : Himanshu Malhotra / Prashant RAnyal (from ep 110) Aarti : Monika Sambyal /Naini / Tulika (76) Abhishek : Raj Sumariya / saahil deshmukh khan (from ep 120) Billu : Aarav Velhal / sandeep upadhyay (from ep 120) Mr. Gupta : Nikhil Ratanparkhi Mrs. Gupta : Alka Mogha Vidyas mother(kiran): Sujata Kumar Vidyas father : Vijay Aidasani Leap of 6 years from ep 120 12 years leap New Antara: Anjum Farookhi Abhishek: Darshan New Billu: Rayo Vidya: Kshiti Jog Neetu (antaras therapiest): Neetu Concept - The story is about a cute little girl, Antara, who is diagnosed with autism and who positively affects the lives of those she encounters during her journey of life. Ep. 1 Anuradha Rai gets her daughter Antara ready for school. Antaras classmates play pranks on her, but she never reacts. Antara answers all the questions correctly, but does not respond to her teacher. Her schoolmates try to irritate Antara by making noise. In an attempt to avoid them, she bumps into a boy, who falls and gets hurt. Anuradhas friend Kaveri asks her to call up Aditya who is Antaras father because it is difficult for a woman to manage everything alone. The school Principal tells Anuradha that she cant allow Antara to attend the school anymore because of her strange behaviour. Doctor tells Anuradha that Antara is suffering from a mental condition called autism. She suggests her to take Antara to Mumbai for treatment. Anuradha is lost in her own thoughts when she suddenly meets with an accident

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