12/24 Karol Baug Tv Show

12/24 Karol Baug

`12/24 Karol Baug is the story of the struggles and dilemmas faced by a typical middle class family which consists of 4 siblings who live with their parents. Each one has his own dreams which are sometimes sacrificed for the happiness of the others. But however big may be the problems faced by the Sethi family, they always stand united. Synopsis - 12/24 Karol Baug, Delhi is the address of the Sethi family. The head of the family is Mr.Rajinder Sethi who owns a shop selling bridal wear. He is a simple man who does not believe in God. His wife Manju Sethi is a practical woman who has a positive outlook towards life. Simi, the eldest daughter is 28 years of age and is still unmarried. Though she is soft spoken and sweet, she is a bit plump. The second child is Anuj who works in a bank. Anuj has a girlfriend but is waiting for his elder sister to get married. The third child is Neetu who is happy go lucky, extremely boisterous and whose only goal is to get married. And the youngest daughter is Mili who is street smart, bold and realistic. Presently the biggest concern in the Sethi family is Simis marriage as she has already been rejected 9 to 10 times. Today she is going to meet a new guy and the whole family anxiously prepares her for the meeting. But when Simi meets this boy named Rajiv Bhalla, she is completely put off by his detestable behavior and loose character. She decides to tell her parents about her opinion. But before she could tell them anything, the boys family conveys their approval of Simi. The familys joy knows no bounds. Seeing their joy, Simi finds herself in a dilemma.

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