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Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyann

'Ghar Ki Lakshmi ' Betiyann' revolves around the obsession of the boy child. Suryakant Goradia (Yatin Karyekar) too is one such individual. He has a flourishing business but is worried about the absence of an heir to look after it, once he is gone because he has three daughters. However, he still fosters hopes because his wife Savitri (Aishwarya Narkar) is pregnant again. But his hopes are dashed when she delivers a girl for the fourth time. The baby is named Lakshmi. Things take a turn for the worse when Suryakant brings home Menka (Tanushree Kaushal) as his second wife! Menka gets pregnant after a while and gives birth to a son Yuvraj. Thus begin the travails for Savitri and her children as Menka and Yuvraj dominate the household. The children grow up and quietly bear the atrocities every time, but Lakshmi (Twinkle Bajpai replaced by Gunjan Walia later), the youngest daughter, is the one who stands up against the injustices inflicted at home and exhorts her sisters and all other women to demand their rightful place in their house and in society! Synopsis: It is the festival of `Diwali' (Festival of Lights), and Suryakant Goradia's (Yatin Karyekar) Gujarati household in the small town of Rajpipla is abuzz with excitement because Suryakant's wife is pregnant for the fourth time. He is a businessman who is obsessed about having a son after being a father to three daughters, Saraswati, Gauri and Durga. He looks at his wife Savitri (Aishwarya Narkar) and pleads her to give him a son. On the other hand, Baa (Rohini Hattangadi), Suryakant's mother, prays to God for a grandson. The priest assures Baa that her prayers will surely be heeded this time as Suryakant's stars were favourable. Meanwhile, Baa's elder daughter Halki (Nupur Alankar), who continues to live at her mother's place with her husband Hasmukh (Shekhar Shukla), makes him consume herbal concoction so that she is able to conceive! On the other hand, Baa and her youngest daughter Phulki (Suchitra Bandekar) who is unmarried, tell Savitri that each one of them is waiting for her to give birth to a boy because they can't bear to watch Suryakant dejected! The `Diwali' celebrations are on in full swing, when Savitri goes into labour. After a while, seeing the sullen face of the midwife, Suryakant and everybody realise that it is a girl again!

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